Ten Minute Tzatziki

It’s absurdly hot out.

As in, I can’t remember the last time there wasn’t a heat advisory.

As in, each time I walk outside, I involuntarily make this face:

For some reason, I always forget what August in Indiana is like. Even though I’ve lived in this for 27 years, I have an annual selective memory. It is just miserable out there. And it makes me grumpy. There are few things worse in the world than getting into a hot car in the afternoon. There is no quicker way to convince myself not to go to gym than to drive home in a car that has been sitting in the sun for 8 hours.

By the time I pulled in at home (and the air conditioning was still pumping out hairdryer air in the car), I had entirely convinced myself to skip the gym.

But 10 minutes in our blissfully well-air conditioned apartment and I found myself dressed and workout clothes and much happier.

Headed to the gym (which is thankfully a 90 second drive away) and pounded out two sets of Muscle and Fitness Hers Starter Guide. Which, I have no idea they call it a “starter guide,” because I’ve been doing that workout consistently for 6 weeks with GREAT results, but it certainly isn’t getting easier and I’m always sore after.

Did 15 minutes of treadmill sprint running. Started with a light jog at 4.0 mph and increased by 0.5 mph each minute until I hit 6.5 mph. Phew! By the end of that 6.5 mph minute, I was dying! Walked at 3.5 mph for two minutes and then redid the whole progression.

Stretched and walked out into the boiling pea soup that was hovering outside the gym doors. Ugh. Fall, you cannot come quickly enough!

Pretty much the last thing I wanted to do was cook anything, so it was Greek salad night.

First thing you have to do with a Greek salad, is mix up some tzatziki sauce. Traditional tzatziki takes some time. Peeling, seeding, and straining the cucumbers. Marinating in the fridge. It has it’s place, certainly. But that place isn’t on a weekday night where I just spent an hour at the gym and am starving. Cue Ten Minute Tzatziki.




Plop it in the fridge and let it marinate while you finish the rest of dinner and enjoy. It DOES get better the longer it marinates, but is perfectly delicious soon after mixing.

Ten Minute Tzatziki

Mix the following in a bowl and refrigerate for at least 10 minutes.

1/2 large cucumber, peeled and diced
1 c. Greek yogurt
1 T. minced garlic
1 T. dried dill (or fresh)
1 T. lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

I did ask the Husband to man the grill and cook us some protein for the top. I don’t know how he does it, but he works outside ALL DAY. The heat barely even phases him. The office job has made me temperature extreme phobic. I couldn’t even step outside to take this picture, I just opened the patio door and took it from inside.

Seasoned the chicken with a little bit of Cavendar’s Greek Seasoning, salt and pepper.

And I didn’t take this picture. Husband did, I wasn’t setting foot outside again tonight. Have I mentioned how much I love air conditioning?

Layered romaine with tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and black olives. Dressed with garlic olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. On top of that went feta, the chicken, drizzle of tzatziki and some fresh basil.

Served in one of my favorite HUGE wooden salad bowls. Love these.

On the side, some Mary’s Gone Crackers, herb flavored. I have never had the herb flavor before, and these are incredible! So good with the flavors of the Greek salad.

This was incredible. Perfect for such a hot day. Sometimes it is hard to believe that I don’t have any Mediterranean in me. I love all the Mediterranean flavors so much. I ate about 90% of this. I was starving, but this is one big bowl!

But of course, there is always room for chocolate. Two squares of Newman’s Own Espresso Dark Chocolate.

Husband landed on an episode of Law & Order SVU and I’m totally sucked into it. Going to go relax and watch some good cop drama. Have a great evening!


    • says

      I had never heard of Cavender’s until about a year ago when I had a recipe that called for it. I LOVE it! I use it on almost everything that goes on the grill.

      Congratulations on the new blog. I love the name!

      • says

        I used it tonight on steamed cauliflower. It’s pretty great on most everything, though. Try a sprinkle on fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

  1. Jenn says

    What a great blog… I forget about greek salad for dinner… and thanks for the 10 minute tzatiki sauce… sounds awesome!

    • says

      I love Greek salad because all the flavor comes from the toppings, you barely need to dress it with anything (other than tzatziki of course!).

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