Broken Plow Photo Tour

I thought after I waxed so poetically about the mecca known as the Broken Plow, you might want to see some photos. If not, you are going to see them anyway. :) These were all taken this morning as the Husband and I took a stroll around.

Beautiful, isn’t it? So much fun family history there. My parents were married on the property, as were my brother and sister-in-law. And my husband and I were married there as well. I was very fortunate to grow up here!

Alright enough of that. Post-walk, we all piled into the pool to wrangle assorted inflatable miscreants. The purple seahorse (that kind looks like a dragon) was definitely the problem-child of the group.

While sipping on a fruity beverage. Namely, Dad’s strawberry margaritas.

I was not successful (in miscreant wrangling, not fruity beverage sipping). Somehow my hand found itself into this deliciousness no less than 10 times.

Finally put an end to the noshing when I saw the list of ingredients on the back of the bag. It was literally 3 inches long and had corn syrup listed three different times! Not something you’d usually find on the Broken Plow, but Mama got it for free thanks to her being the Mistress of All Things Coupons.

Plus, better things were to come. Like this foolishness.

Filled a plate with a few ribs, cantaloupe, yellow watermelon, baked beans and white sweet corn.

Made my way back up for one more rib (palate cleanser, right?) but was totally happy with this plate of food. And then the Key Lime pie made it’s resurgance.

Learned my lesson last night and shared this slice with the Hubs. See. Sharing.

A much more successful pie-venture.

After dinner, chalk art was made…

And chalk art was “appreciated” by Jada the Boxer Puppy.

Caterpillars were examined.

Loot was gathered. (We snagged two of the freshly picked ‘loupes and three jars of pickles)

And then we said our good-byes because I had a date with my Sunday night Zumba class. On the drive back I was so exhausted (all the miscreant wrangling) that I thought there was no way I could do it. But I put on a happy face and faked it. After all, I did pre-pay for this exact reason, to keep me from skipping.

Plus, the Husband was going to go to the gym and run. I couldn’t very well skip out on Zumba while he was working hard. Peer pressure is a pretty strong motivator.

Luckily, by 5 minutes into class I felt awesome and awake. Our instructor threw in some new songs and had some really high-energy, high-impact jumping. It was awesome. Left feeling sweaty, exhausted and totally happy.

Score another one for the Bondi Band. Didn’t have to even adjust it once. Even though I was jumping around like a mad woman for an hour.

That should say, “Bondi Bands kick butt!”

Alright, that was a long one, my friends and I’m exhausted. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Until tomorrow.


  1. Aimee Reel says

    So did you photograph that Chex mix after I picked all of the Chex out of it? :)
    The blog is beautiful!
    love, Aimee

  2. says

    Have I mentioned recently that I’m SO glad you’re blogging? I loved the homestead tour! And you make me want to join a gym, something I can assure you hasn’t really struck me before 😉 You and C look so darn happy and cute together.

    • says

      I never got the gym thing to stick either until I joined the one that is literally 90 seconds from my door. I drive past it 2-4 times a day and it just makes it SO easy to go.

  3. Uncle Kerfuffle says

    Looks just like I remember. Of course, it was only yesterday but at my age that was a long time ago.

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