Throwin’ Gratin (20/40/60 : Day 1)

I was all ready to make something epic for the first dinner of the 20/40/60 Challenge. And when I found this Summer Squash Gratin, I knew I was on the right track.

I had all the ingredients. And that is goal #1 for any meals during this challenge.

Made with summer squash, some yellow bumpy squash, zuchinni, carmelized onions, red potatoes and tomatoes.

Onions always get me, but for some reason, chopping this one was about to kill me. BURNING. It took everything in me to keep my eyes open for this shot. ONION PAIN.

But it was worth it to make carmelized onions. Mmmm, maybe one of the best flavors on earth.

See. Happy again. No more crying.

Wish I could say this dinner was awesome. But I found it really bland and quite boring, especially holding so many great veggies. I followed the recipe pretty closely, so I’m not sure how that happened considering the great reviews. Hey, at least it looks nice!

Served with whole wheat garlic rolls. Which WERE incredible and super easy. Just my standard whole wheat pizza crust topped with butter, garlic, Italian seasoning and salt.

Seriously ate maybe 10 of these.

Why? Because as soon as I finished the photo shoot, one of the bowls of gratin decided to commit suicide and leap out of my hand.

Some choice expletives came out of my mouth. And then I went back and divvied up the remaining gratin into two bowls, which didn’t make for much dinner considering it’s mostly veggies anyway. Dinner fail. Oh well, at least we had these!

20/40/60 Day 1 Recap




  • Almonds, conventional
  • Dried plums, conventional
  • Banana, organic


Days Completed: 1
Days Remaining: 19
Money Spent: $0.00
Money Remaining: $40.00

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