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Fro fo’ sho’. (20/40/60 : Day 12)


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Quick post tonight because True Blood starts in 9 minutes and, even though we have a DVR, I desperately desire to watch it live.

We didn’t end up doing much after my last post. Ran a few errands and spent some time cleaning out our craft/sewing/photography/all-purpose room (well the Husband did most of the clearing). Found this gem.

I think it’s a good look.

Dinner was Stuffed Bell Peppers from SimplyRecipes.

These were just okay. The sauce on top was awesome and flavorful, but the meat mixture inside was quite bland. I think next time I might just stuff peppers with my Mama’s meatloaf recipe. Guaranteed flava!

Served with some corn on the cob that I saved from the depths of the freezer. What a sad-looking plate this is. Husband said it was “simple” not sad.

Opening up the flood gates helps.

As does using a shallow depth of field.

Post-digestion, it was Zumba time! I asked Husband to take a picture of me pre-Zumba, and we ended up outside in drought-city.

I didn’t really realize how terrible everything looks until I uploaded this picture. Holy cow we need rain!

Was killed (in a good way) by my Zumba instructor tonight. A ton of jumping. It was great and left me with a serious case of jell-o leg. And there is only one cure for jell-o leg.

Banana Soft Serve?

Yeah, I dunno. I do know that after coming home from the gym, the Husband requested “that crazy-ass dessert you had last week without me” (he was at work). And I delivered. With some cherry syrup and drizzle of dark chocolate.

Yummmmmm. Now I’m noshing on a little popcorn. And now I’m officially 12 minutes behind the live broadcast of True Blood. Gots to get to gettin’!

20/40/60 Day 12 Recap

Days Completed: 12
Days Remaining: 8
Money Spent: $40.93
Money Remaining: -$0.93

Colorful food. (20/40/60 : Day 11 + 12)


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Good morning, everyone! Before we get into Pancake Sunday, let’s talk a little bit about last night’s dinner, shall we?

Have you noticed the vast amount of grilled veggie sandwiches we eat? It is definitely one of our favorite summer foods. Good bread, sweet, smoky veggies, some cheese and some sauce. Pow! Yum!

Grilled squash, zucchini, bell peppers and onions. Gosh, do I love the colors in this sandwich. We eat with our eyes!

Topped with the cheddar-like cheese we got in our CSA a few weeks back. We normally use feta on this one, but the cheddar was good, too.

Served on grilled focaccia smeared with a garlic, lemon mayo.

Had a big side of okra fries to flesh out dinner.

I’m not a vegetarian, but man, meals like that make me think I’d be happy being meatless for the rest of my life (until I smell bacon).

20/40/60 Day 11 Recap

Days Completed: 11
Days Remaining: 9
Money Spent: $40.93
Money Remaining: -$0.93

Moving onto current times. No massive hiking trip today, so it is back to Pancake Sunday.

Whole wheat (this time 100% whole wheat) Finnish Pancakes.

I was in charge this time, and I can safely say they weren’t nearly as good as when the husband makes them.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I don’t have a drop of Scandinavian blood in my veins. Do Germans have a pancake recipe? That one, I would rock.

But I redeemed myself (and the pancakes) with this cherry syrup.

Cherry Syrup

1/2 c. frozen cherries
2/3 c. water
1/4 c. sugar
2 T. water
1 T. cornstarch

Heat cherries, 2/3 c. water and sugar over medium high in saucepan. In separate bowl, whisk together remaining water and cornstarch. When cherry mixture comes to a boil, add cornstarch mixture and stir until reaches desired consistency. Will thicken slightly as it cools. Use as a pancake or ice cream topping.

That recipe made enough to serve at least 4-6 people. We have a ton leftover. I see vanilla ice cream in our future.

More colorful beauty. Such a nice deep purple. Colorful food makes my heart sing.

Now that breakfast is settled, we’re trying to figure out how to spend this glorious Sunday. I know a trip to the camera store is on the docket, beyond that, we’ll have to see where the wind takes us! Happy Sunday, everyone!