Are Swedish Fish cherry flavored?

I think I walked more today than I have in the past month. I LOVE being within walking distance to grocery stores, shops and restaurants. What an amazing place we are in. Another day without using the car.

We rolled ourselves out of the bed to the sounds of waves crashing. Made some coffee and headed down to the beach to watch the sunrise. I’m contemplating life in this picture. Or something like that.


Considering the house we are renting faces west, there wasn’t much to see, but still the beach was so peaceful as it went from dark to light.


Somehow we manage to pull our bums off the beach chairs and get ready to go out for a run.


Did an easy 1.5 miles that ended up not so easy as we ran along the pier to the lighthouse. 20 mph headwind does not a fun run make. Decided we were on vacation and way too lazy to continue on, so we stopped at pier and took in some early morning sights. I also squeezed in a few squats, lunges, tricep dips and pushups while watching the waves crash against the rocks. Best gym ever. The most intense workout? No, but definitely enough to help balance the copious fudge I plan on eating this week.

Walked back to the cottage because we had a mad hankering for some breakfast. Not a whole lot of food in the house yet, but we managed to pull together a pretty good meal to break the fast.


Fried up some bacon because a) it is delicious and b) we needed the grease to cook the crunch out of our red peppers.


Whisked some eggs with salt and pepper and fresh basil. Which we may or may not have stolen from the plant at the main house of where our cottage is.

Poured over the softened peppers.



Topped with tomatoes and a bit more basil.



Served with some watermelon and the aforementioned bacon.


And an iced coffee.


Which turned out to be the worst idea ever because it was cold out there this morning!


After breakfast, we spent a little time working on the blogs and then got dressed and headed out for some exploration, by way of the beach.








Landed downtown at a cute little coffee shop where we procured chais and a blueberry muffin to share.


Post-snack, we headed around to do a little souvenir shopping. Best souvenirs? FOOD.


Hit up two try-it-before-you-buy-it local food stores. One was entirely Michigan cherry products! YAY. I love love LOVE cherries.



Yes, they were VERY hot!

And we also shopped at a place centered around a bar with all of their products open for tasting.


Between the two places, we walked out with there with cherry almond butter, cranberry mustard and white chocolate cherry peanut butter.


Based on the peanut butter and cherry almond butter, go ahead and take a wild guess on what we are having for breakfast tomorrow.

We also bought a bag of the crackers that the second place was using for sampling.


They were SO good! And check out the ingredients.


Also bought a mug. Which has my new life motto. And is an awesome size.


Once we got back to the cottage, I snacked on some apples with the new PB.


While the Husband took some more shots of the beach.




Then crazy man did some of this:


While I did some of this:


That’s me, in jeans, socks, a sweater, fleece, a scarf and with two blankets wrapped around me. The crazy Canadian husband says, “This ain’t cold.” and runs out into the water with swim trunks on. It may look warm and inviting, but looks can be deceiving!

Once the cold-blooded got his fill, we headed in to make lunch. Had my mind set on last night’s leftovers.


But needed a way to stretch this to two servings. Add veggies!


Sautรฉed these and then put them on the warmed pasta with a sunny side up egg and a few of the crackers from the store.


This was super yum for leftovers!

After lunch, we spent a few hours combing the beach for Petoskey stones and sea glass. We found a few of each, plus a whole lot more stones we are taking back to souvenirs.

After some lounging, we wandered our way down to the grocery store to pick out dinner for tonight (love doing that!) And landed on burgers, grill fries and asparagus.


I may have also had a giant amount of red wine in a silly plastic fish glass.


Swedish Fish, anyone?


Dinner was especially nice because I did the preparing and then the Husband did all the grillminding. Easy peasy.







Ohhhh more fudge. Chocolate walnut this time. Husband tried to convince me we should get “plain maple”. Why would you ever get “plain maple” when there are 15 different chocolate varieties? Silly boy.


Digestion is much better when you do it while watching the sunset and reading a book.


Until tomorrow, my friends.


  1. Liz says

    If you ever decide to visit Pennsylvania, I will take you to Amish country and we will go to Kitchen Kettle village, which you would LOVE food-wise. They have a jam/jelly/whatever kitchen where you can sample almost everything and it’s just amazing.

    • says

      I am coming to PA for work in two weeks, but I’ll be at a conference most of the time. We have a pretty large Amish country in Northern Indiana that I went to as a kid, but I would totally appreciate it all so much more now. Mmmm!

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