West Philadelphia, Born and Raised.

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Greetings from Philadelphia!


What a fantastic city this is. We got in around 5pm and only got to explore a little, but it is so cool being in a city with so much history. Just thinking about all the events from history books that took place in the same places I’m looking at is totally crazy.

A bit of warning about our trip, I’m stuck with the point-and-shoot, so photos will not be great.

It took all three of us about 20 minutes to decide where dinner was going to be. Each of us on our phones using various apps to search for local restaurants. There are SO many choices! We finally landed on Jones and made the 1/2 mile walk from our hotel. Taking pictures the whole way.

Meet Heather, travel partner number one. And also my running partner for tomorrow morning.





We finally landed at Jones and it was WAY different from what the reviews led us to believe.


We were expecting cute, small diner and instead got nice, upscale and trendy.




Waited for a table at the bar and partook in some local brew.




It was good, but not great. Way too citrusy for me. Plus, I expected it to be on tap and not in a bottle. Oh well.


To our table we headed and out came these fantastic sourdough bread pillows. Which we agreed reminded us of the rolls served in school. Warm bread is always welcome to my tummy party.


As is a deep-fried seafood appetizer. This was some of the BEST calamari I’ve ever had. Not overcooked or rubbery. Delicious!

The entree was a crab pasta dish that was really great but that no one could pronounce.



Heather and I both got this one, while Pam (traveling partner #2) went for the A.L.T. (avocado, lettuce and tomato). Best combo ever?


She was very excited for her bread. She made us all try it. And it was some seriously good bread.


Twas a nice first dinner of the conference.



Tomorrow is an early wake-up call for a run. It’ll be pitch black out when we get up, but the hotel gym is directly across the hall from our room. Talk about motivation. Til tomorrow, friends! And hopefully, I’ll have mastered the point-and-shoot and little better.


  1. OMG I did not know you were coming to PA! Are you driving back home? IF SO PLEASE COME VISIT ME. I LIVE RIGHT NEAR THE PA TURNPIKE!

    • No driving. :( We flew here for a work conference. We’re pretty much restricted to Old City and Society Hill in Philly.

  2. mmmm orecchiette! That’s one of my favorite pasta shapes

    My high school italian classes tell me it’s pronounced

    • Oh! That sounds about right. We just pointed to it on the menu and said “the pasta”. HA!

  3. I LOVE Jones!!!!!

    • It was really fun! I like a place that is willing to do a twist on traditional American cooking.

      • The inside decor reminds me of the Brady Bunch’s living room!

      • Ha! Definitely!

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