It’s always sunny in Philadelphia?


Despite popular belief, it does rain here. EspecIally when a tropIcal storm comes through. 5 Inches of raIn Is a lot. EspecIally compared to home, where there are forest and fIeld fIre warnIngs out because It Is so dry. But spIrIts were not damp yesterday. We headed to the super cool warehouse offIces that held our day of workshops.



And downed a soft pretzel for breakfast wIth some tea. Because that’s how I roll (I promIse I had some undocumented fruIt later In the mornIng).


We dId about three hours of lecture-lIstenIng. WhIch was a bIt dull, but good InformatIon always makes me hungry. We had a short lunch break, so we headed around the corner to the Istanbul Cafe, for some Turkish cuisine.


The one server was decidedly overwhelmed by the sudden influx of conference-goers and service was a bit slow, but totally warranted.


First up, a nice Mediterranean salad.


Which we thought was for the table (it came with a serving spoon!) but actually turned out to be Pam’s entree that we all commandeered.




Hey, look ma, pitas!

eggroll spinach

And these eggroll-looking, spanikopita-tasting things. Can’t for the life of my remember the name. But they were gooooooddddd.


And then our entrees came and they were decidedly disappointing.


I ordered the gyro kebabs which were supposed to come over a bed of rice with lots of sliced peppers. Mmmm, one tiny pepper. A whole lot of shredded meat and some fries.


Ate most of the meat (it was delicious!) picked at the fries and called it a day. Really, I would have just been satisfied with the salad, eggroll-things and pita.

Post-lunch, we raced back to the workshops for a design challenge for the rest of the afternoon. There was a lot of this:



And a lot of fun, productive work. We presented out project and were then done for the day. Onto the conference launch party!


It was at National Mechanics, a very cool and hip bar that was rented out for our party. And an open-bar and an awesome spread of food.



Had a Pumpking beer from Southern Tier Brewery and it was a great beer, but I got one of those alcohol insta-headaches (anyone else get those?) after a few sips and had to stop at one drink and then switch to water.


And then filled up two plates with YUMS. The plantain chips were INCREDIBLE. Must recreate.


We headed back to the hotel and then met up with a few other conference-goers at the hotel bar where I had a NINE DOLLAR (!!!!) club soda/cranberry juice mocktail and then called it a night. Today is a full day of conference. Off to get my learn on!

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