Headed home.

Good morning, friends! We are headed off to the airport in a little bit. Philly has been fun, but I am SO excited to go home. I miss these two creatures, dearly.

Baby + PF

Last night was pretty epic. As mentioned in my last post, we were on a mission to find a cheesesteak. Truthfully, I wasn’t in love with the idea of a cheesesteak. A ton of grease, lots of meat and some white bread. It just really isn’t my typically food-style. But we ARE in Philadelphia. And it is just what you do when you visit here, right?


We headed to Sonny’s. There are a million different cheesesteak places in town, two of the most famous were actually pretty far from our hotel. And the reviews for those were mediocre and said they were too greasy, too touristy and too packed. So we stumbled down the street to Sonny’s.


Of course, had to get “The Classic”.


Look at that sheen. It looks like it was dipped in baby oil.

Results? It tasted good. Seriously. Onions, cheese, well-flavored meat, it was awesome. But it felt DISGUSTING. Heavy. Dripping grease. Definitely a “once-in-a-life-time” meal. Don’t plan on eating these very often (if ever again). Although, I have been thinking of making a BTHR-style cheese steak. It seems like an awesome idea. Minus the grease.


The aftermath.

We felt pretty wretched afterwards and just decided to walk around Old City for a while to try and digest. Somehow we ended up on South Street. And somehow we ended up in a body piercing shop.


I’ve been wanting to get my nose pierced for years. For some reason, last night seemed like a good time.


It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it was going to. And everyone was AMAZING. If you are going to get piercings done in Philadelphia, please, please, please go see the fine folks at Infinite Body Piercing. They were so nice, clinically clean and had an awesome selection of jewelry.


Look. Only one tear. I was a big girl! It’s hard to avoid your eyes watering up when they stick a needle through a part of your body.

We walked around for a little more afterward, said our farewells to Rachel (a former intern in my office that now lives in Philly).


And then headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep after the ruckus of the evening.

Woke up this morning and headed down to the hotel breakfast buffet to actually get a REAL breakfast (as opposed to the crappy conference breakfasts).




OATMEAL! Yay! With raisins, granola, trail mix, brown sugar, banana and peanut butter.


An epic amount of fruit, plus a little taste of eggs + bacon. Totally embraced eating a real breakfast again.


We’re headed off to the airport to catch a big, silver bird back to Indiana. Have a fantastic Sunday!

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