In the interest of full disclosure…

Thank you SO much for the amazing response to my letter. It is so nice to see the community bonding together to fight back against such blatant lies.

Just to put to myself at ease regarding this uproar, I want to make sure you all have a good picture of what I stand for. I believe eating disorders are serious diseases that run rampant through the female community. I do not take them lightly and do not feel like my blog, or any others I associate with, condone or promote eating disorders. This all being said, I want to clear up a few things with my readers. I think honesty is the cornerstone of a successful blog.

  • I have never been diagnosed with any type of eating disorder. Just like most women, I went through periods of disordered eating. When I was 15, I lived on orange juice and turkey sandwiches because I got a boyfriend who I thought wanted me to be skinny. Turns out, he liked the chub and dumped me when I lost 30 pounds. Backfire! (It is easy to laugh about now.) After college graduation, I drowned my sorrows of having a crappy job and being 1,000 miles away from my (at the time) boyfriend in fast food. Disordered eating. This blog’s purpose is to show how amazing things can happen when you treat your body well. I am happy. And I am happy with my food and myself. And really, as a woman in this society, that’s pretty much as good as it gets.
  • I count calories in and out. Two years ago, I was advised by my progressive, fantastic, feminist doctor to lose around 65 pounds. She suggested the best approach was to intake good quality, whole foods in the correct portions and output calories through fun activity. I started the process by counting precisely. I used a food scale and a heart rate monitor to document each calorie in or out. Once I felt like I got the hang of it, I stopped weighing, measuring or wearing my heart rate monitor and now just estimate my calorie counts. I don’t count calories everyday. And one day, I will completely abandon calorie counting. Calorie counting is a temporary tool I use to achieve a long-term goal set for me by my doctor. Calorie counting has allowed me to lose 45 pounds in 10 months but also taught me how to fuel my body properly as an athlete. My life is not ruled by calories, but I use calories as a resource to guide my health journey. I am still new to the healthy lifestyle and do not, for a second, pretend like I have it all down pat. As always, my calorie journal is available for the public to see. If you are ever concerned about my food and exercise routines, please call me on it. Mature discussion is part of what I love about blogging.
  • I am obsessed with food. To me, food is fun, family and culture. I love to cook and eat. I love the way food looks on a pretty plate. I love drinking wassail at Christmas with my family. I love growing my own tomatoes. I love taking pictures of brightly colored peppers and richly-colored mugs of beer. I get excited to go to the grocery store. Things I’m not obsessed with: calories, weight, size, food restriction, the way my butt looks.
  • What you see on this blog is not the whole of my diet and exercise. I rarely post my entire day’s worth of food or activity. Please don’t assume that just because I only post a recipe for whole wheat graham crackers on a day that my entire food intake for that day consisted of graham crackers. If I posted each and every morsel that went into my mouth and each and every step I took, you’d be incredibly bored. Trust me, you don’t want pictures of the half container of cottage cheese, two slices of turkey, handful of sweet potato chips and banana I had for dinner last night.
  • I am so far from perfect that it is comical. Sometimes I spoil my dinner by snacking (see above cottage cheese incident). Sometimes I eat (and enjoy) greasy cheesesteaks. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) I skip runs. I admit, I tend to paint a happy-go-lucky picture of life on this blog, but the truth is, I am far from perfect. I have bounced checks, stubbed toes, open flys and dishes in my sink just like everyone else. Perfection is overrated. I much prefer my life perfectly imperfect.

Phew. I feel better. Want to see some pink shoes now?


I just got these shoes from Lands End for $6.41, shipped. My Mama is Queen Bee of Couponing and subscribes to a million different mailing lists for coupons and deals. When she came across this one, she thought of me and forwarded it on. I am in love with them. Especially considering they were regularly $39.50. Score!

Onto dinner.


I had this master plan to come home from work today and install the bike rack on the car all by myself and head out to a trail to do some fun non-running. Bike rack installation went smoothly. Unfortunately the key to the bike lock was on the husband’s keychain and he was still at work for an hour. And my bike was locked to our fence. So instead, I decided to make some soup. Logical, right?


This recipe comes from Heather (you met her in Philadelphia). She has been raving about her butternut squash bisque for at least a year now. Why I waited so long to try it is beyond me. This was INCREDIBLE! Sweet, savory and a bit spicy. Warm and cozy. The original recipe comes from The Ultrametabolism Cookbook. You can view the original recipe on Google Books. I changed it up a bit to suit our tastes (and what we had on hand), but for the most part followed the recipe pretty closely.


On the “side” was a whole dinner plate full of salad. Lettuce, pear, feta and sunflower kernels. Dressed with cinnamon pear vinegar and blood orange olive oil.


And a glass of wine.

I did finally end up out on the trail on my bike while the soup was simmering. I did about 4 1/2 miles and had a blast. Once I got home, the Husband did some adjustments to my bike to make it ride more comfortably and I’m excited to get back out there.

Night friends, it is bedtime!

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