Spaghetti Night

Guys, I cannot shake this headache that I’ve had all week. Is there some sort of fierce autumnal pollen that I know nothing about that is causing this? My head normally only hurts like this in the Springtime. Ugh. This headache has had me in a terrible mood for days now. I’d hate to have to be around me. Especially at work. Nothing makes me more crabby than having a headache and having to stare at a computer screen for 8+ hours.

Wow, enough of that Debbie Downer.

I did have a rockin‘ workout this afternoon. I definitely needed to sweat off some rage and the gym was what the doctor ordered (although I DO wish we had a punching bag at our gym). Ran two miles on the track, then did a quick strength circuit followed by an awesome long stretch. It felt amazing. A lot of times cardio will even cure my headaches. Not this time. Blah!

Came home and this was up to bat.


We received two bags of this pasta a few weeks ago in our CSA and decided to boil one up for dinner tonight.


When I was growing up, “spaghetti night” meant a whole dinner plate FULL of pasta and sauce. A huge portion! Which, hey, I can still knock-down pasta with the best of ’em. But for everyday eating, I’ve relegated pasta to a small dish to keep portion size in check. Even this small bowl is a serving and a half of pasta. It gives me all the taste I want, but still leaves room for sides. Topped the pasta with some Newman’s Own sauce and a wee bit of organic beef that I browned off.


The side was a beautiful salad of lettuce, sunflower kernels, tomatoes and mozzarella. Dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


And two hunks o’ garlic bread. I LOVE garlic bread, but I struggle with it because I normally serve it with pasta and that is a ton of carbs! Now, I love carbs, but too much of anything is a bad deal. But I choose not to care. Garlic bread with pasta = all is right with the world.


I may have had a tiny pour of wine, too. Self-medicating.


It didn’t help.


The pasta was alright. The texture was a little off, almost a little mushy. And I know I didn’t overcook it. The flavors were great though! But I think for spaghetti night, I just prefer plain ole whole wheat spaghetti. Maybe our second bag of this pasta is better suited for another use. Any suggestions?

Question of the Day

I am currently working on my 30 x 30 list. 30 things to accomplish by the time I turn 30 (on 06/20/13). I’m not sure I’ll share the whole list with you all, but I’ll probably talk about it some here. Have you ever done a list like this? If so, what kinds of things did you put on it?

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    Oh man that garlic bread looks like all I’d need for dinner! Yum. Don’t worry about the headache. I had a 15 minute talk with the girl on the treadmill next to me at the gym today about all our AWFUL fall allergy symptoms. I ONLY get like this in the spring. I guess there’s something in the air 😉 Feel better, chicky.

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