Running from the cops, tall buildings and Chelsea Dagger

Good morning, my friends! As promised yesterday, here is my epic post about our first day in Chicago. We’re on a whirlwind of a trip, so we are packing a ton into the two days we are here. Be forewarned, a ton of photos follow!

Yesterday morning, we packed up and headed out after partaking in OIAJ (for me) and OIAB (for the Babyface).

Empty peanut butter jars are like a rare gift from the oatmeal gods. Mmm, gooey peanut butter in every bite.

Our 4 hour drive to the Land of Lincoln was pretty eventless. Beautiful, but eventless.

We stopped about halfway to do a pit stop and eat a little packed lunch.

Yes, cold pizza is an excellent road food. Portable, filing, most of the food groups. Oh, and delicious!

Plus one of the last CSA apples. Frowny face for our CSA being over.

Plus a handful of edamame.

We hit traffic pretty much as soon as we hit the city. We crawled along at 5 mph for a good 45 minutes, which was only moderately annoying. It did allow some nice photos of the skyline and surrounding area.

Before checking into our hotel, we headed over to Lincoln Park to pick up our race packets for the 5K we were running later in the afternoon.

Back downtown we went and checked into our 20th floor room to find this fantastic view.

Hello, Mr. Trump.

We barely got to snap some photos of the view before we had to change, grab a cab and head back to Lincoln Park for our race. I told you it was whirlwind.

We were running the Pumpkins in the Park 5K. Costumes were optional. Which means they were mandatory for us.

Obviously, this was a nice and relaxed event. It was fun for it to not be so high-pressure. We were about 45 minutes early, so we popped a squat on the hill and enjoyed all the other costumes.

With about 20 minutes until the gun, we headed over to the port-a-potties (as you do).

And saw this fine gentlemen waiting.

We headed over to the start line and lined up toward the back of the pack.

With a whole lot of other people.

The gun went off and we were all having a blast. The runners were great, the music was great and the costumes were fun. Oh, and the weather and scenery were spectacular.

Did you know that Wonder Woman liked to run races? Apparently she does.

I did great for the first 2 1/2 miles. We were having fun, people loved our costumes. And then for some reason I hit a crazy wall. No idea why. The weather was nice. The course was flat. I was keeping my normal pace. The Husband ran with me (because really, our costumes were a set) and he asked me once if I wanted to walk. I told him “Hell no” and kept on going. But I felt like hell. Weird how that happens sometimes. I ran 4 hilly miles last weekend and felt a million times better than the last 1/2 mile of this race.

Saw the finish line though, and we killed it with a sprint. The crowd was awesome in the last 0.1. They really got into our costumes! I was so happy to be finished. Grabbed some food and water.

And then made our way into the all-important beer line.

Does anything taste better after running a race than free, cold beer?

I think not.

Race time was fine. Not a PR or anything, but nothing terrible for how bad I felt. If anyone ever tells you that walking during a race is bad, tell them this story. I ran/walked my first 5K (running 8-9 minutes, walking a minute) in 36:44. I ran the entire course for this race (very similar conditions, flat and cool) in 37:57. WALKING ISN’T BAD. Walking allows you to run faster.

Relaxed for a bit and then decided to walk back to our hotel. It was a little over 2 miles, but our legs needed the movement and the scenery was beautiful. Does running 3.1 miles and then walking 2.5 miles equal running 4.5 miles? Because that’s what I was supposed to do for 10k training.

Back to our room for another quick change. New clothes and we were headed out again to grab the United Center Express to this lovely place.

We went to see the Chicago Blackhawks play the Buffalo Sabers. You know, I have been to A LOT of sporting events in my life, but this was in my top 3 most amazing games. I had a BLAST. They do sports right here in Chi-town.

We had SO much fun. The Hawks were playing not-so-great for the first two periods, but really pulled through in the final period to win 4 to 3. My voice is so hoarse from screaming so much!

We had planned to eat dinner at the arena, embracing arena food for all of it’s processed, fried glory. But my stomach was not feeling great. We ended up getting some chips, which I picked at, but were AMAZING. And then a Sprite to help settle my stomach. Long day definitely started to catch up to me.

Said good-bye to our beloved Hawks and grabbed the shuttle back to our hotel and blissful bed.

Before we got back to our room, we stopped at Walgreens to pick up some food (half a bagel, some beer and some chips were not enough after running a race, go figure). And managed to find a Walgreens with a ton of fresh food. I got a fruit cup, spinach salad and milk, which weren’t worth photographing. Filled my belly a little more and helped it settle before bed.

Now, we are headed out to breakfast and then to do a little sight-seeing and a tiny bit of shopping. We are definitely going to Crate and Barrel and Whole Foods. Two stores I’ve never been into! Here’s hoping I don’t break the bank.

Happy Sunday, friends!

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