Jill Behrman 5K. And more beer.

Remember how much I struggled through the 5K I ran last weekend? What a difference a week makes, because I just felt awesome at the Jill Behrman 5K.

Jill Behrman 5K Race

I had great company, awesome weather and had run the route before. I felt confident and strong and the race went very well. This is all beyond the fact that this was a very hilly course and my previous two races were almost entirely flat.

Started off this morning with my typical pre-run breakfast.


Toast with peanut butter and jam. This time added half a banana. My appetite is still really confused after the week of stomach issues, so I haven’t been eating a ton, but I definitely wanted to make sure I had enough fuel to feel strong during the whole race.


Weather was pretty cool once we got to the course, but we found our team of co-workers and chatted our way through chattering teeth. I love being in an office with people with similar interests. For the past three years, our office has had a team of walkers/runners in this 5K. And this year, all of us ran! It is very cool. Here’s hoping in future years we can get even MORE of my officemates running for charity.

Posed for our team portrait and began warm-ups. The warm-up is always nice at this event because they have the group exercise leaders for campus recreational sports lead everyone in some stretches and the such. I think getting nice and warmed up helped make this race feel much easier.

Jill Behrman 5K Race

Heather (you met her when we were in Philadelphia), was running her first ever 5K. She has been doing C25K for a while now and was totally ready for the race. But she was freaking out nervous. Understandable! It is a big deal.

Jill Behrman 5K Race

We lined up. Unfortunately they started the walkers and runners at the same time and in the same area (no separation) which meant for some serious bobbing and weaving in the first mile. We probably ran 6K total just dodging people.

Jill Behrman 5K Race

Gun went off and it was go time! Ran the whole time with Heather and another dear-coworker friend, Keith. He hadn’t planned on running, but when we explained to him how awesomely slow we run, he was on board to try it out. He ran the entire way with us, in jeans. Rockstars, my co-workers are.

Jill Behrman 5K Race

It was so nice just running and chatting. I could say something pretentious like, “I barely even noticed the hills.” but that’d be a lie. Having awesome company made it to where I barely realized how much the hills sucked.

Chip times aren’t in yet. But the husband (who finished in something like 5 seconds) said the clock was right around 37:00 when we crossed. I’ll be interested to see if I could beat the 36:44 PR from my first 5K. And it was SO hilly! Very proud of how well we ALL did with the hills. And I am so proud of Heather. I know she was so worried, but this is such an awesome accomplishment.

Jill Behrman 5K Race

No medals. No free beer. But they did give out amazing circa-1993 plastic sunglasses with the race name on the sides. Awesome post-race swag. Only improvement would have been free beer. We nommed on some bagels and apples, chatted a bit, congratulated one another and then went our separate ways. Craig and I headed to lunch, but first stopped at the gas station for some fuel for the car and some fuel for us.

Chocolate Milk

Split this with the Hubs. Chocolate milk = most amazing post run thing ever (yes, even better than free beer). Every time I drink milk after a run, I think of this quote.

No, milk is NOT a bad choice. It is an awesome way to refuel. And is so delicious.

Thought about heading home for lunch, but then the idea of burgers and beer occurred to us and to Upland Brewing Company it was!


Love Upland. Love their beers. And love their seriously delicious burgers.


Lots of good memories here, one of the most prominent is my college graduation party. My parents rented out half the brewpub and had open kegs for everyone. It was a great time!


I got the much loved and adored Upland Wheat. An amazing beer that is pretty much mind-blowing when on tap.


The speed-demon Husband got the Burbon Barrel Winter Warmer. That’s 9.0% alcohol my friends.


And of course, burgers were the name of the lunch game. Upland has an amazing spicy black bean burger that I usually get, but after reading about their responsibily-sourced beef, I decided to go for an old school beef burger with cheddar.




With some amazing fries on the side.


These suckers were huge.


I sliced mine in half and saved the rest for later. I think I am out of the woods with my tummy issues, but no need to push it with 4 pounds of beef on a bun. And that half was GOOOOOOD and totally satisfying.

Unfortunately, about halfway through his burger, Babyface got a sudden wave of nausea and we had to pack up and get out of there pretty quickly. That is the way my stomach flu symptoms started last Monday, so here’s hoping he doesn’t have my same toilet-hugging fate for the next few days.

I do believe a nap is in my future. Happy Saturday, friends!

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