Freeze warning

I have yet to warm up today. Brrrrr. Ever have those days where you are just chilled to your core? And it is only going to get colder. Go figure. That’s what happens in the Fall. I had the sad, yearly task of picking our last garden crop before the first freeze of the season…. 

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Brrrrr. It’s cold in here. There must be lunch in the atmosphere.

LunchHoly cold weather, Batman! I am freezing. I always forget how frigid it gets in my office. Boiling in the summer, freezing in the winter. Such is the price to pay for beautiful big windows. First during-the-weekday post. Complete with photos taken in terrible pre-sunrise lighting. Winter, and its perpetual darkness, beckons. Breakfast Breakfast was standard desk food. Banana, hard-boiled egg, 12 oz Klean Kanteen of skim milk and a granola bar. A lot of times I make my own,. . .