Party Hard

Did you have an awesome day? I had an awesome day. After breakfast this morning, I dug around the Halloween box and pulled out the green wig that has followed me around for the past 10 years.


Seriously. It was a wig that I wore as part of my costume for winterguard my senior year in high school.


But the wigs purpose was to serve as my costume for a Halloween/Birthday party for my niece. I think the green wig is more fun than the police officer costume. If you saw a girl driving down I-65 wearing a green wig, singing to Shania Twain’s greatest hits today, it was me.


The birthday girl, Greta!

Sam and Maddy

My sister and another of my nieces, Maddy.

Me, Maddy and Mama

Me, Maddy and my Mama! I haven’t seen my Mama in months. It was so nice to see her.


There we lots of adult and kids costumes (yes, that’s Garth Brooks).

Cake and Pie

Birthday cake and blueberry buttermilk pie.


We had friends.


Friends that like cake.


Split a piece of cake and pie with my Mama.

Cake and Pie

After the goodie bags were distributed and the party wrapped up, my sister, Maddy, Mama and I headed to Panera for a bit of lunch. Dessert before lunch. I love Panera, but the only one in Bloomington is on the other side of town and we just never get over there.


Lemonade. Yum!


You pick two. I love that they list the calories on the menu board. Obviously it is great for calorie counters, but I also think it is great for everyone to just get an idea of what they are eating.


Creamy tomato.


Roast beasssstt! Mmm!

I was sad to say good-bye to everyone, but I had to a two hour drive and an impatient Puppyface to get back to. Now I’m comfy on the couch, enjoying a nice big bowl of leftover mac and cheese.


Tomorrow we have epic Halloween/Fall food plans. You just wait. Happy (AND SAFE) evening my friends!


  1. Shauna says

    Panera lemonade is my favorite. I stopped there a few times just for some lemonade when I was in the throes of my lemon cravings.

  2. Siren says

    I love Panera’s creamy tomato too. It’s amazing that it is one of the WORST soup choices on the menu, since normally tomato soup is low in fat. I guess it’s the “creamy” that really does it. I also really love their salads and French bread–it’s the best! However, right now I’m hooked on Cambell’s Chunky Hearty Tomato with Pasta. With 140 calories, 1g fat, 3g fiber, and 5g protein per serving, it helps with the cravings.

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