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christmas recipe #1 : puppy chow


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christmas recipe #1 : puppy chow

First things first. If you live in B-town, run (don’t walk) to Bloomingfoods and buy yourself a honey sweet potato scone.

It was epic. And life-changing. And even though I don’t consider myself a baker, I have a desperate need to recreate it. Heck, the ingredients are SO SIMPLE.

And speaking of epic. Yesterday was. I feel very accomplished though. All that cooking was a super heavy weight on my (aching) back and it was nice to cross those off my list.

Over the next few days, while I’m deep in the midst of preparing for my first family Christmas celebration (in 6 days), I’ll be posting the recipes that are hogging the limelight of my holiday menus.

Two I won’t be posting…

Chocolate Chip Dough Balls

Because (a) you’ve already seen me make them once and (b) there ain’t no toppin’ the recipe that is already out there. But rest assured, I made them and they are still awesome.

Butternut Squash Bisque

Again, because I’ve already made it for you. I usually make it with chicken broth, but used vegetable stock to appease the veggies in my family. Tastes just the same, it just makes the soup look much darker. Mysterious-er. Handsome-er even. And I made a double batch of this yesterday. I’ll be hanging out in a crockpot at my family Christmas next Saturday.

Now onto what I WILL show you! One of my cardinal rules in marathon cooking is to start off with an easy win.

And a dessert-y snack that you make in less than 10 minutes? That’s an easy win in my book.

We call it Puppy Cho around here, but I’ve also heard it called Monkey Munch and Muddy Buddies.

Simply put, it is Rice Chex (or “Rice Bitz”) mixed with melted chocolate and peanut butter, tossed in powdered sugar. Let’s get to cookin’!

First, dump your box of Chex into a very, very large bowl. Or, if your bowls are a bit on the petite side, split the box between two only sorta large bowls.

Break down your box and add it to the paperboard pile.

To be resurrected as a gift tag on Christmas gifts. Or you could just recycle it.

Back to the foods. In a microwave safe bowl, dump in one bag of chocolate chips and 3/4-1 cup smooth peanut butter. I didn’t measure. Measuring hurts my soul.

Microwave on high for about two minutes (or until it looks like something you want to dive headfirst into). Stir and resist the urge to drink.

Add to your Chex.

Toss gently. You don’t want to massacre the cereal.

And looky here, we are already onto our final step. Put about 1/3 cup powdered sugar in a gallop zip-top bag. Add a quarter of your chocolate-coated cereal. Seal and toss to coat. Adding more powdered sugar if it makes you happy.

Repeat with remaining three batches of cereal.

And then enjoy. I put it all in one big bowl to cool and harden, because clumping is fun. But if you want a more singular result, spread it out on cookie sheets until the chocolate has solidified.

Store in an airtight container. You could stash it in the freezer, too. Or pack it up in clear cellophane bags, stick a bow on it and give it to someone who deserves a bit of holiday gratitude.

Like the amazing people that take care of the Puppyface every day while we are at work.

Get it? Doggie daycare. Puppy chow. Har-har-har!

And just like that, an easy win. Cross #1 off the list.

But you still have to do the dishes.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for my ultimate, amazing and totally fail-safe sugar cookie recipe. It is decidedly NOT an easy win.