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fnpn : week in review


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fnpn : week in review

Pizza of the Week :

Homemade whole wheat crust with various veggie toppings. Eaten with my family for our week-early Christmas celebration.

Best Think I Ate or Drank This Week:

Cinnamon rolls with maple mocha frosting. Recipe coming tomorrow.

Best Workout of the Week:

Guh. None. Does running around like a maniac getting Christmas stuff done count?

Best Deal of the Week:

My brand new winter coat. Purchased specifically to take to Canada with us next week. It hit -35° in my husband’s home town this week. I freaked and decided I needed a new coat. My Southern Indiana thin wool coat was not going to cut it. I got this 4-in-1 coat for a STEAL! Woohoo!

Best of the Internet for the Week:

My Babyface wins the award for this one with his adorable self-portrait. How cute is he?

Favorite Blog Post of the Week:

Emily at Daily Garnish (née The Front Burner blog) wins again with her post about NOT having to run a marathon to be a runner. I struggle a lot with feeling like a “runner” or an “athlete” and it was so nice to hear what Emily had to say.

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Favorite Photo of the Week:

I needed to knead dough this week. And cinnamon rolls were a great excuse.

Saddest Moment of the Week:

Waking up this morning with a sore throat. I’m shotgunning Echinacea tea.

Happiest Moment of the Week:

Decorating cookies with Babyface.

Triumph of the Week:

Knocking out all my Christmas baking in one day. Nothing like making a list and actually being able to cross each item off of it.

Warm and Fuzzy Moment of the Week:

Shopping for our Salvation Army Angel Tree kids and dropping bags and bags of toys off at the Salvation Army.

Happy weekend! I am officially on vacation for two weeks starting today. Yippee!! I’m in Southern Indiana for my family Christmas this weekend and plan on drinking a lot and eating even more.

P.S. I attempted to write this post on an iPad and got so frustrated that I borrowed Babyface’s computer. Yeesh. Not easy to write a photo-driven blog on an iPad.