canada, oh canada. it’s great!

Greetings from the Great White North!

There is a whole lot of snow and a whole lot of cold in Northwestern Ontario right now. Although all my Canadian family members keep asking me why I am bundling up so much. Saying it is “so mild” right now. Riiiiggghtt.. That’s why I’m wearing two pairs of gloves. ๐Ÿ˜›

Yesterday morning started off with a totally abandoned Indianapolis airport. Two days before Christmas, I figured it’d be swamped.

Thanks to a super dooper fun time circling the Detroit airport, we spent our lunchtime dashing through the terminal to catch our connection. But thanks to well-packed carry-ons, we didn’t have to go hungry.

Turkey sandwiches, carrot sticks, sweet potato chips, and clementines. And a special appearance by frozen grapes acting in the role of ice pack. Can’t take ice packs on planes, but you can take frozen grapes! Thanks to my sister for the tip.

And of course, chocolate. Never leave home without it.

We landed in snow-covered Duluth, Minnesota about an hour late and had a 4 hour drive to in-laws’ house across the Canadian border. I spent at least the first hour of that drive in complete awe at the amount of snow on the ground. Holy cow.

The drive was a perfect winter wonderland. We saw a ton of deer and a bald eagle! We were on look-out for a moose, but no such luck. Interesting fact: I had never seen a bald eagle in 23 years of living in the U.S. I go to visit Canada and see my first one there.

Hunger snapped me out of my snow-hypnotism. Dug into the snack stash!

Word-of-warning, those tropical zinc lozenges are terrible. Gross. Yuck. Avoid! I only choked them down because the zinc is so good for beating the common cold.

We finally made it to the Canadian homestead and I was greeted with a glass of wine and a delicious dinner of lasagna and salad, which I was entirely too hungry to photograph. It tasted amazing.

Today started off as most Canadian mornings do, with a run to Tim Hortons.

First I had to convince the Babyface that there was no way I was getting out of the warm car and the drive thru was the only real option. He begrudgingly agreed (anyone else have a spouse that HATES drives thrus?)

“Large decaf double double and 20 assorted Timbits, please.” I’m fluent in Canadian.

The chocolate Timbits are my favorite.

Then it was home to wrap presents. We shipped all of our gifts to the border and had a ton of wrapping to do.

But not without egg nog. Tip from my other sister, amaretto + egg nog = amazing. Seriously, go try it. YUM.

Happy, happy, happy Christmas Eve, my friends!


  1. Jana says

    My favourite are sourdough, but frankly, any Timbit makes a trip to Canada worth its while. Only 46 hours to my long-anticipated double-double, 10 chocolate and 10 sourdough Timbits in Windsor, en route to see my parents in Mississauga. Counting the minutes.

  2. Sara says

    Lol.. zinc lozenges. I havent had those in a LONG time. Actually, I used to chew this gum… I think it was called Cold Eeze or something like that. It was “cinnamon flavored” but realistically it tasted like a cinnamon penny. Definitely seemed to help the cold though. My new fave cold remedy is a homeopathic remedy called ColdCalm made by Boiron (which I think is located in Canada actually…). It comes in a little tube, and they are like tiny pellets that taste like sugar. It’s the only thing I give my son when he is feeling sick. Honestly, once I figured out that beef and gluten make my body unhappy – I’ve pretty much stopped getting colds.

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