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fnpn : week in review


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Pizza of the week:

Homemade pizza with green peppers, onions and a touch of Italian sausage.

And a salad. Made with Tofu Caesar dressing and a giant pile of spinach. It is so nice to be back in my kitchen.

Best thing I ate or drank this week:

One of the three green monsters I had while we were in Canada.

Our blender has been broken for months. But I got to use this ole beauty at my in-laws’ that worked perfectly.

Close second :  one of the billion bacon-wrapped cocktail sausages I had on Christmas Eve.

Best workout of the week:

Rushing through the Detroit airport to make our connection. I swear I’m going back to the gym this week.

Best deal of the week:

Not really a good deal, but more of a good deal realization. Yellowtail wine costs $16 a bottle in Canada! Today, I bought a bottle for $5.99. Cost of living is SO high in Canada.

Best of the Internet for the week:

This crazy video of an iPhone translator. So cool. Shown to me by my brother-in-law.

Favorite purchase of the week:

Not my purchase, by a purchase by my in-laws, my Canada mittens!

Favorite photo of the week:

Pretty much sums up Canada in a photo.

Saddest moment of the week:

Having a cold. For two weeks straight. Seriously?

Happiest moment of the week:

Spending Christmas morning with my Canadian family for the first time ever in the 5 years I’ve known them.

Triumph of the week:

Getting my 2011 new year’s goals written and posted!

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Warm and fuzzy moment of the week:

Watching awesome old movies from my mother-in-law’s family on Christmas Eve.