confessions of a healthy lifestyle blogger : part 4

Missed the other “confessions” posts? Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. 1. I love cast iron. And I love bacon. I seriously love cooking bacon in cast iron. 2. Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve lost and gained the same 3 pounds too many times to count. I’m starting to think I’d rather be a… 

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monday motivation : worrying

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere.They are calling for an insane amount of ice falling here tonight, so I'm trying to remind myself that worrying gets me no where. We have people food. We have puppy food. We have a gas stove. And we have lots of books to read. Worrying is worthless.

hair today, gone tomorrow.

hairI had no idea when I posted this picture in yesterday's FNPN post that it would create such a buzz. There were comments and tweets and e-mails and Facebook posts and someone even sent the National Guard to check on me. Okay, maybe not. But there was more of a reaction than I expected! Yes. I cut off my hair. Well, not all of it. About a foot of it. Which wasn't even close to all of it. It was. . .

i’m a quitter.

DSC05893.jpgSo, I'm toying with the idea of canceling my gym membership. You'll learn pretty quickly that my fickleness towards the gym is a constant in my life. One minute, I'm waxing poetically about how much I love gym culture. And then the next, I'm skipping out on the gym for weeks at a time in order to run outside or do a dance class. Having a gym membership is a nice option. Albeit an expensive one. We pay almost $50. . .

fnpn : week in review

hairPizza of the week: Bacon, egg and cheese pizza. Best thing I ate or drank this week: Molten chocolate cakes. Best workout of the week: Running 3 1/2 miles yesterday. It felt so good to get back outside! Best deal of the week: A $20 Amazon gift card for $10 thanks to Living Social. Love the group coupon sites! Groupon and Eversave, too! Best of the Internet for the week: Pop music done in bluegrass. AMAZING. Check out all of. . .

fun friday : what would you do with $1 million?

houseLet's dream a dream, this Friday. Let's dream a dream that you woke up this morning, and suddenly were one million dollars richer. How would you allocate this money? I think $1 million is an interesting amount. Nowadays, it isn't enough to do everything you could ever think of it, but it is definitely enough to make some major life changes What would you do with $1 million? I would: Hire a financial planner. $10,000 (image source) First things first,. . .

individual molten orange chocolate cakes

chocolate cakeI had another thing planned for this evening's post, but all musings about other topics were pushed aside when I saw this little bit of information on Facebook. Chocolate cake day! CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY!? Of course I had to jump onto this holiday bandwagon (probably created by Betty Crocker). (Don't you just love social media?) But first, let's talk about cake. Cake and I have a tumultuous relationship. I like cake perfectly fine, but when it comes to my choice. . .

homemade chai tea latte

hand tea chaiDoes anyone else suffer from CFHS? That'd be Chronic Freezing Hand Syndrome. It's a nasty infliction that causes one's hands to be constantly, uncontrollably cold. Symptoms include: rings that fall of easily, husbands that shriek like little girls when you touch them and a love of mittens. There are lots of cures for CFHS, but my favorite is holding a warm, cozy mug of tea. After seeing me talk about using chai mix on here, my oldest sister called and. . .

vegan red beans and rice

red beans and riceIt is no secret that I love beans. Beans are nearly a perfect food. Full of protein, fiber and nutrients. Plus they are incredibly tasty. Oh, and they are one of the cheapest forms of protein around. You can easily feed a family on a $1 worth of beans. Try doing that with meat. Beans and spicy flavor were a match made in heaven. Many of the biggest bean-loving cultures are also the cuisines that use robust and bold flavors.. . .

how to save money on running shoes

shoesFor the past few weeks, anytime I run, I've had some nasty shin and knee pain. Babyface has been complaining about the same thing, so we resolved it was about time to order some new running shoes. Experts generally recommend that you should replace your running shoes every 300-500 miles, and I'd have to say we were loooooong overdue for new pairs. When I first started running, I scoffed at the idea of needing good shoes. But during my first. . .

tuesday thoughts : wendy’s natural cut fries

wendysOver the past few months, I've noticed a decided trend in the fast food industry toward real food. I think it is great! Of course, I'd rather see every person in the world making natural, organic, unprocessed food at home, but that just isn't practical (even for me). Having some real food selections at fast food restaurants is a nice option for when you're in a pinch. Oatmeal, yogurt, baked potatoes, I've seen them all on the drive-thru menus. This. . .

drunken beef stew

drunken beef stewI probably don't have to remind you, but just in case you misplaced your calendar, it is January. January 24th to be exact. January is rough. January is a month-long holiday hangover. The snow, ice and cold has lost all of its December novelty. And it can seem like spring and relief are a lifetime away. January is not my favorite month (but the giraffes are cute). However, January has its redeeming qualities. Namely, its compatibility for stews and soups.. . .

monday motivation : time

quote time motivationWe're all guilty of the "I just don't have enough time" excuse. This week, remember that great things can be accomplished in limited time. Use your 168 hours this week well and feel proud of everything you can accomplish in that time. What will you do with your precious 24 hours today?

ask me anything : the story of puppyface

puppyface lakeI've had a few people request that I do an open-ended "ask me anything" series on BTHR. So, here it is! You'll see me answering a reader question each week. Submit your questions by e-mailing me or commenting on this post. If you want to be identified in my answer, include your name and website (if applicable). Literally, ask me anything. I'll answer anything!* *Okay, maybe not anything, but almost anything. This week's question comes from my pre-BTHR friend, and. . .