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fnpn : week in review


Posted on Jan 14, 2011 in Food, Lifestyle

Pizza of the week:

Bacon, pineapple and feta on my whole wheat crust. Hands down our favorite pizza topping combination.

Best thing I ate or drank this week:

Prosciutto-wrapped bison burgers with blue cheese. Recipe to come this weekend.

Best workout of the week:

My marathon, two-hour session at the gym on Sunday. 3 mile run, 15 minutes rowing machine, 30 minutes walking, 30 minutes circuit training, 15 minutes stretching. I burned 1,044 calories.

Best deal of the week:

This hat. For $1.59, shipped. Please, please, please follow Money Saving Mom to get notified of deals like these. I scoop up so much awesome stuff because of her posts! And this hat is SO warm and SO cute.

Best of the Internet for the week:

This recipe from Paula Deen. I recommend reading the reviews for a good laugh.

Appropriately, I shared this with Mama Pea on Twitter and she was most appreciative.

Favorite blog post of the week:

Angela’s post over at Oh She Glows with a delicious-looking recipe for No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Chews. Um. Yum! Need to make these this weekend.


Favorite purchase of the week:

None, other than the aforementioned hat. I don’t think I bought anything other than that and groceries. Woohoo for goal #1!

Favorite photo of the week:

I love all the bright colors from the snow ice cream photoshoot.

Saddest moment of the week:

Probably the same for everyone—finding out about the shootings in Arizona.

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Happiest moment of the week:

Snowwwwww daysssss!

Scariest moment of the week:

Climbing a tree.

Triumph of the week:

Organizing my utensil drawer. Seriously, this makes me SO happy. And I purged so many unused gadgets.

Warm and fuzzy moment of the week:

Seeing so many people react positively to this self-portrait by Babyface. Awesomesauce, right? I have a fantastically talented husband. And it makes me all giddy and proud to see him all giddy and proud.