fnpn : week in review

Pizza of the week:

Bacon, egg and cheese pizza.

Best thing I ate or drank this week:

Molten chocolate cakes.

Best workout of the week:

Running 3 1/2 miles yesterday. It felt so good to get back outside!

Best deal of the week:

A $20 Amazon gift card for $10 thanks to Living Social. Love the group coupon sites! Groupon and Eversave, too!

Best of the Internet for the week:

Pop music done in bluegrass. AMAZING. Check out all of their videos.

Favorite blog post of the week:

Kath’s series on home organizing. Her neat and simply closets and drawers are totally inspiring. I want to run into my closet and throw out half of i.

(image source)

Favorite purchase of the week:

My Keen Boots. I am in love with these. I’ll be wearing them until Spring.

Favorite photo of the week:

Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Pizza. Love the colors in this shot!

Happiest moment of the week:

Watching the Indiana Hoosiers beat the Illini in Assembly Hall on Thursday. It was totally electric. And awesomesauce.

Scariest moment of the week:

I’ll explain this tomorrow.

Triumph of the week:

Managing to actually stick to our half marathon training schedule.


  1. shauna says

    Oh, I meant to comment to talk about that egg pizza. But I got distracted by my excitement at drastic hair changes (which I love, but have a hard time doing because my hair isn’t very conducive to drastic changes, curly hair can be a pain).

    HOW did you make that pizza? Did you just put an egg on top after it was cooked? did you cook the egg with the pizza? I must try this!

    • says

      I put all the rest of the toppings on, except for the eggs, and then baked it for…oooh…7-10 minutes. And then carefully plopped the eggs on top. And then baked until they were cooked! It was SO yum. Babyface said that this pizza goes on our menu is we ever open a restaurant (which is his highest form of praise). πŸ˜›

      • shauna says

        I’m definitely trying this next Friday. It looks so weird, but the idea of pizza dough and eggs and bacon and cheese sounds amazing. What did you do (if anything) for sauce?

  2. Natalie says

    Breakfast pizza is one of my favorite things on the planet. I got the idea after meeting with a nutritionist who was encouraging me to eat more egg-based breakfasts. I found a new way to use up those pizza leftovers during the weekend. Yum!

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