monday motivation : worrying

Posted on Jan 31, 2011 in Motivation

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere.

They are calling for an insane amount of ice falling here tonight, so I’m trying to remind myself that worrying gets me no where. We have people food. We have puppy food. We have a gas stove. And we have lots of books to read. Worrying is worthless.


  1. We will most likely be having a few snow days in Oklahoma as well. It starts this evening and will continue all day tomorrow. I am a teacher so I will get a few days off to snuggle with my baby and the pups.

    I tried one of your oat recipes this morning…I AM IN LOVE! It felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast! Keep these wonderful blogs coming!

    • YAY! I’m so glad you liked it! Perfect weather for a big, cozy bowl of oats.

    • YAY! I’m SO glad you liked the oats! I love having something that tastes so decadent but is really healthy for you!

  2. This post is perfect for me today – I’ve been worrying about a doctor’s appointment I have this afternoon (bum ankle)…but I’m going to do my best to banish the worrisome thoughts for the rest of the day. They’ll get me nowhere. And whatever the diagnosis I’ll handle it!

    • Hope your trip to the doctor turned up good news!

  3. I love the quotes that you’ve been publishing… I have the “no time” one as my background on my work computer.

    Hope all goes well with the ice… it’s snowing here today and it took an hour do drive a commute that usually takes twenty minutes. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you keep your power and that there are no wrecks.

    • Thanks! I post those quotes mostly for me, but I’m glad to know someone else likes ‘em too!
      Stay safe in the snow!

  4. You’re absolutely right…we prepare the best we can and then go with the flow…we’ll make it thru…and if we’re very lucky, the power will stay on (I’m total electric…brr). Be safe!

    • Stay safe (and warm) in the storm!

  5. Stay safe! We are north so we are set to get 10-15″ of snow. We have plenty of food, a generator, gas for generator, we’ll see what happens :)

    • The snow sounds like fun! I’d much rather have the snow than the INCH of ice we are supposed to get. That is crazy! Good luck. Stay warm!

  6. You got me worried! And a good thing you did, because I realized our house was totally unprepared for the imminent winter storm. Once the news started mentioning the possibility of downed lines and power outages, I wrote myself a nice shopping list and off I went to stock up on water, candles, and beef jerky and chocolate :)

    @Mother Nature: Bring it on!

    • It’s nice to feel prepared! Good luck in the storm!

  7. That means you will be inside typing WONFERFUL blogs for us in CA to read! ;o) Wow storms and snow…It’s sunny and 67 degrees here! Be safe but enjoy some play time with puppy face. ;o)

    • Hopefully! Just as long as we don’t lose power. They are saying at least another 1/2 inch of ice on top of the 1/4 inch or so we got last night. Scary stuff! Can I teleport to CA?

  8. Nice one! Always enjoy this type of graphics :)

    Though It’s not really “anonymous” – it’s a quote from a movie Van Wilder ;)

    • Awesome! Thanks for the attribution. :)

  9. how true! makes so much sense.
    needed this today. thanks :)

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