yesterday, i . . .

Posted on Feb 10, 2011 in Travel

. . . brainstormed with a bunch of amazing ladies from all over the world.

. . . created a robot parakeet prototype out of a water bottle and post-it’s (the result of our brainstorm).

. . . dreamed of having a studio space like the one we were working in.

. . . got really, really good at typing on my iPad.

. . . admired the Flatirons.

. . . admired how well Heather color-coordinated with our lunch destination.

. . . admired the napkins. (I did a lot of admiring.)

. . . ate some life-changing French fries.

. . . went out shopping. . .

. . . and stumbled on this fun establishment. (Hi Babyface!)

. . . shopped til I dropped . . .

. . . and dropped right into a grapefruit margarita.

. . . asked for a pink candle on my roasted peanut and chocolate torte for no other reason than it was fun and pink. Our waiter was very obliging. He got a nice tip.

I’m in sessions allllllll day long today, so I’ll catch you on the flip side, my friends. One thing of note, the food in Boulder has been incredible! Expect a Will Travel For Food : Boulder!


  1. I heard Boulder was the foodie capital of the US. And grapefruit margaritas are beyond delucious!

  2. Being the I am a Colorado State Alum I hate to say the Fort Collins isn’t the foodie capitol of the world. But that’s just because of a bitter school rivalry. The food in Boulder is wonderful and better. But the beer in Fort Collins is WAAAAY better. ;) It’s fun to see you blogging from my home state! Yay Colorado!!!

  3. Looks like you’re having an awesome trip! Love the studio space :) Enjoy!

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