two months in : a 2011 goals review

Almost two months ago, I wrote and published a post outlining my 2011 goals. I really don’t want to see my resolutions fall the way of most new year’s resolutions—dead by February. So you’ll see a report card on my progress every other month throughout 2011.

1. Have over $10,000 in savings.

(A) I am happy to report that we are rockin’ this goal! This past weekend we actually created a plan that would more than double our final goal by the end of 2011. I am very, very happy with our progress on this one!

2. Make the 2011 holidays less stressful.

(A-) We are already coming up with a plan for Christmas 2011! And we’re stashing away SwagBucks money in our Amazon account to make it financially less stressful.

3. Run at least five races.

(A) We have already registered for two and have many, many more planned. There are at least three that we always do in the Fall. This one is going to be easy, peasy!

4. Try more recipes from my cookbooks.

(C+) This one started off really well, but sorta fizzled out in the past month or so. Next menu and shopping trip, I’m back on it!

5. Hit my goal weight.

(D-) This one isn’t going great. I’ve been tossing back and forth the same three pounds for the past two months. I just need to stop and recommit myself…if I decide it’s what I really want.

6. Read 25 books.

(B+) I’m a little off pace. I’ve read two (almost three) books so far. But I think I’ll have no problem hitting this goal. Keep track of my progress on Goodreads!

7. Get 200,000 views on my blog in 2011.

(A+++) Thanks to some particularly fruitful syndication, I’m on track to smash this goal out of the water. Woohoo!

8. Reduce our environmental impact.

(F) Mega fail. I got as far as making reusable snack bags for our lunches. But beyond that, not much. Really need to create a plan of action!

9. Eat more locally.

(B) We just sent in our check for our CSA! We’re getting a veggie, meat and egg CSA for the summer. We loved it last year and are excited to continue. Plus, we’re planning our garden. Can’t get much more local than that!

10. Limit the amount of TV we watch on weeknights.

(C+) Sort on track. But only because we’ve been too busy to really sit down and watch most nights. When we do have time (like last night) we’ll devour hours and hours of TV. Work in progress.

11. Donate my time to more volunteer organizations.

(C-) Sorta. I am working on a project for a local non-profit that is partially paid (but the vast majority of my time is donated). But I want to do more than that.

So there you have it. How are your 2011 goals shaping up?


  1. Amber B says

    Hey! I’ve been lurking for a few months now. LOVE your blog, and I can ACTUALLY relate to you, because you, like myself, aren’t a “skinny girl”, but you’re working on making yourself healthier! I’m curious what the CSA is? I know you get fresh local foods, but how did you find it and how does it work? I’m hoping I can find something like this where we live!

    • says

      Hi Amber! A CSA is community supported agriculture. Basically the idea is that you purchase a share of a local farmer’s crops throughout a season. That way, the farmer has enough money to produce their crops and they have a large group of members that share the burden of the overhead for the farm. More specifically, it works for us that we pick up a box of fresh produce, eggs and meat every Friday. The key is that you never know what you are going to get. Which I think is super fun! Also, since you are sharing responsibility with the farmer, you may not get peaches if it is a bad year, but you may get a million potatoes if it is a good year.

      I found my CSA through Another great way to your local farmer’s market and see if any of your favorite farmer’s have CSAs available. The owner of our CSA even gives members a discount a her farmer’s market stand.

  2. says

    The candor with which you evaluated your goals from a couple of months ago has me in awe. People tend to get very creative with excuses for why they might not have achieved what they set out to. Not you.

    I am a strong believer that we change a little every passing day, and as a result, our priorities do, too. While most of the time we need to blame the lack of perseverance and fluctuations in our willpower for our failures, sometimes some goals simply give way to others – and there’s nothing bad about it. Perhaps you weren’t writing about that at all; I appreciate that your post got me thinking in those terms nonetheless.

    • says

      Thank you! I think a lot of people tend to feel like a failure for not achieving something they set for themselves in concrete terms. But I think closure is a much more important thing to reach than a checkmark on a list.

  3. Melissa B. says

    Ok, you inspired me- I just signed up for my first CSA! I had been throwing around the idea over the past year, and finally did some good research on I found the right one for me and my honey, and I can’t wait to start getting my goodies in June! Thanks for the push :)

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