monday motivation : anger

I’m typically not an angry person. I let go of things pretty quickly and, more often than not, give people the benefit of the doubt. But recently, I’ve found myself holding onto a lot more anger. And guess what? It gets me nowhere. Being angry is a fine emotion, but holding onto anger is dangerous and destructive. My goal for the week is to stop holding onto my anger for extended periods of time. Get angry and then move on. Life is too short to be pissed off all the time.


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    Love that quote! After my Dad died I had a LOT of anger built up towards the truck driver that killed him. One day I was at the cemetery just sobbing, yelling and crying so hard I couldn’t breathe. I swear to you, I could hear my dad saying to me “let go of the anger, you need to heal.” Once I let go of the anger and hate, I finally was able to grieve and heal. Anger is a very powerful emotion!

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      Oooo! This reminds me. Would you be willing to write a guest post on grieving? I am amazed at how composed you seem with everything you’ve gone through. You seem to be working through it in a very, very healthy way.

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