fnpn : week in review

Pizza of the week:

Macaroni and cheese. Yes, I realize recently the term “pizza” is being used rather loosely in my blog. Hopefully getting back to regularly scheduled pizza nights soon.

Best thing I ate or drank this week:

Salted chocolate mousse. I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

Best workout of the week:

Does the workout my jaw got talking poor students’ ears off this week count? Not much actual sweating. This was one of those weeks . . .

I did take the Puppyface on a walk today. And it was glorious.

Best deal of the week:

A canoe trip LivingSocial deal! We used to go canoeing all the time as a family when I was a kid. I am so excited for us to use this once it gets a bit warmer. Yay!


Best of the Internet for the week:

I haven’t really had time to be a contributing member of interwebs society this week, but I have to say, Google’s People Finder tool is an incredibly cool way technology is helping people in the earthquake/tsunami disaster.

Favorite blog post of the week:

Definitely, decidedly Emily posting about her pregnancy. I am so incredibly happy for her. I definitely squealed a little when I read it. I am so excited to follow her journey.

(image source)

Favorite purchase of the week:

This brand new fandangled display to use with our laptops. No more editing photos or blogging on a 13 inch screen! Woohoo! Also will make my freelance design work and Babyface’s freelance photo work much, much, much easier. Plus, we got a keyboard, too. YAY for having an i key again! :)

Favorite photo of the week:

I really love this picture, for some reason. Background : these are the items that hang above our bed. There is a third key to the left and two more bookshelves. This space feels so us. And this picture feels very us. Bright colors, lots of books, funny vintage trinkets.

Happiest moment of the week:

Getting through the job fair I attended (as a recruiter) yesterday. I was sorta dreading it, but it ended up being a great experience. It was mega exhausting and my throat is hoarse and painful from 10+ hours of talking with students. They are so excited and enthusiastic! It is definitely contagious.

Photo from my web cam at work. I did a lot of scratchy throat complaining to my coworkers today.

Scariest moment of the week:

Earthquake. Tsunami. My heart is breaking. I really struggled with doing my work today. Building websites and blogging seems really, really irrelevant compared to what is happening half-a-world away.


Triumph of the week:

Making it through. I know I said something similar to this last week, but I’m taking March one day/week at a time. It’s a busy, crazy month and getting through this week without losing my marbles is a big triumph!

Warm and fuzzy moment of the week:

This one is less of a “moment” and more of a general warm and fuzzy appreciation for the Babyface. He has taken on so much to help alleviate the stress of me being so swamped. I’m not sure he realizes just how much it helps just for him to do the dishes (even though it is my “chore”) or hang up my coat (because I’m terrible about it). He’s amazing.

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