thirsty thursday : the benefits of lemon water

For the past few weeks, I’ve been watching Ashley talk about how awesome she feels since she’s taken up the habit of drinking lemon water in the mornings as part of her detox. Last week, I finally did a bit of research on my own and started downing lemon water myself.

Lemons are nutritional powerhouses, but are often overlooked for daily consumption because of their sourness. And when they are used, they are paired with so much sugar that it counterbalances the positives (for a sugar-laden lemon recipe, come back on Saturday).

Eating lemons daily is great for the body. Here are some benefits of lemons (and more specifically, lemon water):

  • Digestion. Lemon naturally assists the body’s digestive process. Drinking lemon water in the morning “jump starts” the body’s digestive system after the long overnight dormant period. Lemon also helps things move along in the bowels (if ya know what I mean).
  • Purification. Lemon is a natural antiseptic and helps to flush our impurities out of the system. This means healthier skin, healthier hair and nails and a generally well-functioning body.
  • Neutralization. While lemons taste acidic, they actually have akalizing properties once inside our bodies. The typical American diet is very, very acidic, so the lemon helps to balance this acid.

My personal routine has been to squeeze one half of a lemon into a pint Mason jar of warm water. I mix this up and sip on it while I am checking e-mail right after I wake up in the morning. If the sour lemon is just a bit too much for me to take at 5am, I’ll put a few drops of honey in just to balance.

Lemon can be damaging to your teeth enamel (more so with concentrated juice than fresh lemons), so I use a straw when drinking my lemon water. I have a dentist appointment next week and I plan on asking my dentist more about this then.

I’m not drinking lemon water as part of any detox plan like Ashley is, but I have already seen its benefits in the short amount of time I’ve been drinking it.  Things I’ve observed:

  • I really enjoy drinking the warm lemon water in the morning. I’ve never been a morning coffee/tea drinker, but sipping on a glass of warm water is really cozy and enjoyable.
  • I can definitely feel my digestion engine jumping to life. Usually I can wait 2-3 hours after waking up before I start feeling very hungry. My tummy now starts growling almost immediately after finishing my glass of lemon water.
  • Things are definitely moving along well.
  • My skin is starting to clear up. This is probably a combination of things (most notably, being outside and getting more sun always clears up my skin), but it might have something to do with the lemon water as well.

Overall, I think that drinking a few cups of lemon water in the morning is such a small and enjoyable change that I’ll stick to it (unless my dentist suggests otherwise).

Now, a disclaimer: I am not a health professional, cleanse specialist or nutritionist. The things I’m writing about here are just an aggregation of my own personal experiences and research. Do your own research and when in doubt, talk to your doctor.


  1. Amanda says

    I have a dentist appointment next week and I plan on asking my dentist more about this then.

    I hope you’ll post what your dentist says; I like the idea of adding lemon water to my daily routine, but not if it’s going to hurt my enamel in the long run.


  2. Kimberly says

    My family loves it whenever I make a pitcher of water with a bunch of lemon and or orange slices. So fresh! Your pictures are spectacular by the way! LOVE!

  3. beabee says

    Haha, regular water does *that* trick for me in the mornings already, but I do love adding in a little lemon or lime slices to my glass when I happen to be using one for something else! I put wedges on the rim of the glass when my hubby invited one of his work friends over and he said he felt “fancy”! :)

  4. Amanda :} says

    I’m glad you reminded us of this practice :) I’ve found I actually have more energy when i drink warm lemon water every morning (can’t remember why i stopped? I think the tooth enamel thing scared me out of it :/). It also removed the white cast on my tongue, which i believe may be an overgrowth of yeast in the body. I think I’ll be starting up this practice again! This time I’ve got my straws ready :)

  5. Drew says

    “Lemon also helps things move along in the bowels (if ya know what I mean).” No, I don’t know what you mean. Will you please explain this? I’m thinking of doing the lemon thing but don’t want a crappy experience (if ya know what I mean).

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