impromptu IU 5k.

I, kinda randomly, ran a 5K this morning.

It wasn’t entirely random. I was driving home for work on Wednesday and saw a sign for the IU Mini Marathon and 5K. I knew about the mini, but had no idea a 5K was being held as well. It sounded like a nice break from half marathon training. So at packet pickup yesterday, I went over and registered.

1414 seems like an awesome bib number, right? Fast!

Just like any other race, I set everything out last night to avoid a case of morning-of-race memory loss. Decided on my new green shirt from Under Armour. Thinking this might be the one for the half.

This morning, woke up and found that we had almost nothing in the kitchen that I normally eat pre-run. So I settled on some toast with PB and some yogurt with strawberries, oats and chia seeds.

We headed out (Babyface went as photographer and cheerleader) and got to the start and it was COOOOOLD.

I waited until the countdown was at about 3 minutes before handing off my fleece and gloves.


Okay, really brrrrrrrrr.

Finally, the gun went off and our small group of 5Kers were off.

Our start ran right past Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall at IU. Lots of childhood memories (and adult!) in both of these places.

Action shot!

And then.

And then.

The hills started.

And never really stopped.

Now Bloomington is hilly. All of Southern Indiana is hilly. But when you drive the roads daily, it doesn’t occur to you how incredibly hilly the town is. Trust me, after today, I won’t forget ever again.

I am SO not trained for hills. My half course is flat, flat, flat and I’ve been training on mostly flat trails. Holy crap, hills are hard!

Mile 1 : 11:58 (almost entirely uphill)
Mile 2 : 11:48 (3/4 uphill, 1/4 sweet, glorious downhill)
Mile 3 : 12:11 (almost entirely up really steep hills)
0.1 nubbin : 0:54 (downhill, thank god)

Chip time was 36:54, but it wasn’t a chip start. My watch time was 36:51, which seems about right considering I started pretty close to the start line. Either or, even with all those hills, I was less that 10 seconds away from a 5K PR. Which is pretty darn cool. I can’t imagine what time would have been if it was a flat course.

Afterward, took some fruit for later and a bagel for now. Bagel was unimpressive, but free fruit (well, free thanks to my registration fee) is always impressive.

If I’m being honest, I struggled with this race at the beginning mentally. There were a lot of college-aged kids blowing past me and I felt like a slow old lady. But then I kept reminding myself that I have been training for the last 3 months for distance not speed and I highly doubt of these young lads and lasses ran almost 11 miles last weekend. And beyond that, it doesn’t matter. I was out running at 5K at 8am this morning. That’s more than most people can say.

It also helped that by mile 2, they were all walking and huffing and puffing because they didn’t pace well. Wisdom comes with age, and races ran, you young whippersnappers.

I’m a bit disappointed about coming so close to PR. But, as Babyface said on the way home in the car, if I was pushing for a PR, I could have easily injured myself and make it very iffy for next weekend’s 15K and the half (in a month!). So within 10 seconds of PR on crazy hills? I’ll take it.

Happy Saturday!


  1. says

    Awesome job!! I ran a 5K thru campus last fall…hilly is right…yow..I really wasn’t prepared for that…but good job on doing so well…and best of luck with your half!!

  2. Monika says

    I just stumbled upon your blog. This was my first race ever and I am number 1144 in your action shot! I am really happy to have a picture from the race :) Thanks and congratulations on the race!

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