cheer squad!

This morning, my family and I had a blast cheering on my brother and sister in the Derby Festival Marathon and Mini Marathon.

I’ve spectated races before, but now that I am a runner, it is an entirely different feeling. When I’m out on the course, I appreciate those people on the sidelines rooting me on so much that it is the least I can do to give it back during a race I’m not running.

We set up our first post at the 8 mile marker of both races. We spent about 20 minutes cheering on all the awesome strangers. And then we saw my brother (running the marathon) come through, but he was totally in the zone and didn’t even notice there were eight of us screaming his name until right before he turned the corner.

About 10 minutes later, my sister came through (running the mini) and she was so excited to see us!

High-fives all around and a lot of screaming later, she whizzed past and we quickly packed up our goods to head to our next stop, mile 11 for the mini and mile 20 for the marathon.

We booked it over there, but by the time we found parking and got out of the car, we realized a lot of the mini runners were already passing through, we ran to make sure we didn’t miss my sister and sure enough, just as we got there, she came running through.

Looking strong, doing good! She is running a half marathon every month this year, so really, this ain’t no thang.

I ran out and gave her a high-five and then skipped back! I was also carrying oranges and strawberries, because, well, I take food everywhere.

We then moved off to a more secluded part of the marathon and waited for my brother. Caught up with him around mile 21. Looking incredibly calm for someone who just ran over 20 miles.

We then high-tailed it over to mile 25 to see my brother through the finish. Does he look like he just ran a marathon? Nope.

He’s running a 50-miler in two weeks, so really, 26.2 is nothin’.

I had so much fun cheering for not just my family, but all the runners. Everyone was so nice and pumped and having a great time. They seemed really appreciative of our signs and words of encouragement. I was worried about going because I am still feeling pretty sick, but being around all this excitement made me forget all about my stupid cold. If you ever get a chance to spectate a race, do it!

I am so excited to run my own race next weekend!

In case you are wondering, our signs said:

  • “Dear Stranger: You are my hero!”
  • “Those horses ain’t got nothin’ on you!” (Kentucky Derby reference)
  • “Have a nice run! :)”
  • “FREE HIGH FIVES!” (got some awesome takers at the mile 8 mark)
  • “New Year’s Resolution? CHECK!”


  1. says

    Cute pics! I love how encouraging you and your family are towards one another. It totally makes it worth the effort to have someone cheering you on. Very, very cool :) I am an amateur runner (with one bad knee) but I do really enjoy the exhilaration of the run, so long as I’m lasting!

  2. Kim Saggio says

    Love the enthusiasm and support you and your family shared with your Brother and Sister-in-Law. Looks like you had wonderful weather that day as well.
    Absolutely love the pic they caught of you skipping with your oranges :)

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