goals for this week.

Last week’s Monday Motivation got me solidly back on the goal-setting train and it worked! I completed all three of my goals last week. Woohoo! I 100% believe that part of the reason I accomplished those things is because I wrote them down and shared them with the world. The world knew what I wanted to accomplish and I could no longer balk and push them aside. I wasn’t about to let the universe down!

So every Sunday, tune in for a short post outlining my goals for the week. Don’t expect earth-moving goals here. But remember what I said last weekβ€”over time, small decisions add up to huge changes.

Feel free to use this post as a place for you to record your weekly goals as well. Let’s support one another! It takes less than five minutes to give yourself a plan and a path for the week. It is worth the time, I promise.

Stuck on how to make goals? Here are some good tips on how to write goals that you can achieve.

Goals for the Week of May 22nd

Do not spend money on non-essentials. Babyface and I have spent quite a bit of money preparing for our NYC trip. It is a once in a lifetime experience and that is part of the reason why the money is there in our savings account. But, I don’t want us to go overboard and drain everything we’ve worked for. So, just to get back into the practice of frugality, there will be no frivolous spending this week.


Move for 30 minutes at least three times this week. I’ve been in a terribly lazy, exercise-free zone since my half marathon. No bueno! I don’t care what exercise I do, but I need to do something this week! Walk, run, We Cheer, anything that gets me moving. This goal is more about getting me back in the mindset of exercising that the physical act of burning calories.


Make a schedule for the week and stick to it. This is particularly important for after work. I tend to fiddle around until dinner and then we watch TV and then I finally get around to doing things I need to do (blog, freelance, etc.). Not acceptable! Must figure out a better mode of operation this week.


Eat dinner outside on nice days this week. We eat a lot of our meals in front of the TV. It doesn’t bother me much, except when we start watching TV we get sucked in and suddenly two or three hours have vanished. Not good for productivity. Plus it is nice out and it is time to enjoy our patio!


What are your goals for this week?

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  1. Claudia says

    oh I needed to see this! Goals for the week is a great idea, usually I do “goals for the month” and I have been “Forgetting” about them and yeah not going anywhere with those. This week I will be trying the weekly goals and sticking to them – they are going on the fridge so I SEE them!
    I like the daily schedule idea… but I think I will try that another week, I have a few “baby goals” this week to master…
    Have a fabulous week!

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