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Posted on May 26, 2011 in Lifestyle

This happened to our apartment last night:

The important things:

  • Babyface, Puppyface and I are all uninjured. Actually, so is everyone in the building, miraculously.
  • Renter’s insurance is the best $150/year you’ll ever spend. That $150 is the difference between us making one call to our agent and them saying, “We’ll take care of it.” and one of our insurance-less neighbors crying because she lost everything.
  • Please go make a jump kit. Especially if you have pets. Without the stuff we had for Puppyface in the jump kit, we would have been majorly screwed.
  • Go hug your family.

Not sure when I’ll be back writing here. We, amazingly, have power (it just came back on), but our apartment is considered not livable, so we need new digs. I’ll check in soon. Meanwhile, check out this crazy picture of wood splinters being hurtled through the air so fast that they embedded themselves into our wooden patio chairs. As terrifying as that was, tornadoes are pretty fascinating.


  1. OH my GOD!
    So glad to hear you’re uninjured, insured, and that you have power.

  2. Holy crap, Cassie! Thank goodness you guys are okay. That must have been terrifying! I think I’m going to put together a list for my own jump kit right now.

  3. even though we’ve never met and in fact i’ve never even commented here before, i feel as though i know you (and the two “faces” in your life) just a little bit. and so despite the lack of traditional friendship between us, my heart goes out to all three of you and i’m wishing you well.

    • I echo her response I hope all gets better

  4. That is terrifying! So glad you all are okay.

  5. Oh my- I am so glad to hear that you are okay. BIG HUGS, and take care!!

  6. So glad you guys are safe. We live on the Indianapolis/Greenwood border and just got a little hail last night. Jumpkit is going on my TeuxDeux list!

  7. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad you are all safe. I will send good wishes to you all up there, and I hope you get things together soon.

  8. OH Cassie! So happy to hear that you three are safe & sound (along with your neighbors)! With the positive attitude you’ve always shown here, I have no doubt you’ll come through this even stronger as a family than you were before. Keep your head up and give Babyface & Puppyface some extra hugs today!

    And yes, renters insurance (and insurance in general) is without a doubt a worthwhile expense. I’ve been fortunate enough to not need mine yet but that peace of mind is definitely worth a couple hundred bucks a year. That being said, PLEASE let us know if there’s anything all of us reader friends can do for you guys – whether it’s sending you supplies to restock your jump kit or just sending warm wishes your way. We’re here for you!

  9. I cannot even imagine! I’m so glad to hear no one was hurt. Big hugs!!

  10. So glad you’re all ok. Hope things go as smooth as possible as you figure it all out x

  11.!!!!! SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE ALL SAFE!!! And I’m thrilled that you, being the super-smart woman you are, were prepared.

    Were you home when it happened, or did you come home to it?

    I hope you find new digs quickly!

  12. thanks for sharing. I know the place!

  13. Yesterday afternoon, as I sat in the basement at work with my coworkers during our tornado warning…I was bragging about you and your jump bag idea. I had no idea that you would have to use it. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut :) Glad that you guys are okay. May your search for a new apt go smoothly.

  14. so glad you all are safe & insured!

  15. omg where are you??! we’re over at millennium apts off 2nd street and everything is fine minus some trees! where in bloomington got hit that bad?

    i’m glad you guys are safe, what are you supposed to do in the meantime? does your insurance cover a hotel?

    • We are in Oakdale Square at 2nd and 37. Just down the hill from you.
      The complex has an open apartment without damage that they are letting us living in temporarily.
      Hope everything is okay over there!

      • WOW. I can’t believe it was that bad so close! Have you been down Weimer Rd, it’s insane how many strong old trees are down.

        I’m glad you have a place to stay! i hope things get better in the coming days!

  16. OMG Thank God you guys are alright!

  17. So happy you all are okay, that’s the most important part. Great that you are insured. The rest of the country is praying and wanting to help out. Best of luck and stay safe!

  18. I’m so sorry. I’m so glad you’re safe!

  19. Glad to hear you’re safe. I’d been thinking of making a jump kit all week, now I’m going to get on that this weekend!

    Take care.

  20. OMG Cassie! I’m so happy you guys are ok – its been a few close calls up here too lately! Way too many tornadoes in the Midwest lately.

  21. Wow!! Soo sorry to hear about your apartment. I’m glad that you guys are OK!!! Could you imagine getting hit by those splinters???? OUCH!!!!!!!!

  22. Oh no! I’ve never seen anything like it. Glad you all are OK. Good luck during this tough time.

  23. We spent Tuesday evening in a storm shelter, but had no damage. I’m so glad that you are safe and I hope you find a new place with ease.

  24. I am so glad you are all safe. I hope you find many rays of sunshine in your life during this time.

  25. Wow :( glad you’re all okay.

  26. Holy crap! I’m glad you and your family are all safe and ok!

  27. So thankful you are all safe! Just put “Make our Jump Bag” on my to do list. You guys are in my thoughts.

  28. I too am glad that y’all are safe and sound and have temporary housing.

  29. I’ve never commented before but I follow (and love) your blog, and I’m so shocked and sad that this happened to you. Support is truly vital during trauma, and I want you to know that even people like myself who don’t know you are rooting for you. I’m thankful that you and your family are safe, and I wish you the very best in getting back on your feet.

    PS: There is now a note on my white board reminding me to make a jump kit for my fiance, myself, and our cat. Just in case.

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