sweet and creamy coleslaw

Remember when I got a tiny head of cabbage in my CSA a few weeks back? No? Well me neither. Because as I was looking for something else in the produce drawer, out rolled this sad little guy from the depths of the crisper. He looked up at me, batted his little cabbage eyelashes and… 

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holiday eats link love

4thJuly-CanadaCakesLSComing up this weekend are two very important holidays in the Johnston householdβ€”Canada Day and Independence Day. I think it is so fun that the national holidays for both mine and Babyface's home countries happen right around the same time of year. Even though Babyface is solidly an American resident now, we like to keep the Canadian pride alive in our house and celebrate Canada Day. And then, three days later we get to celebrate my great country with the. . .

the bright side of an injury

ankleBeing injured is never fun. It is particularly un-fun when you are on a path of health and fitness and said injury forces you to suddenly put aside all your plans. One of the hardest things for an active person to do is hold off on their routine and rest up while an injury heals. I'm far from a gym fanatic, but even I am struggling with a serious case of cabin fever thanks to my ankle injuries. Just joining. . .

today’s eats: back to normal

smoothieI think today is quite possibly the first time I've eaten every meal of the day from my own fridge in just about forever. It felt so good. Picking my own food. Knowing exactly what was in everything that went into my tummy. Yay! Hopefully this is the first of many, many, many normal days to come. Started off this morning with a glass of lemon water. Doubt you guys are interested in seeing my daily glass of lemon water.. . .

take your foot off the throttle.

flowersI don't like to complain a lot. I actually think complaining gets you pretty much nowhere. If I'm stuck in a rotten situation, I'd much rather go at it with a positive attitude, find a solution and move onto something happier like bacon or beer. But there are times when it all piles on. You feel like you have a dark cloud over your head. Nothing you do is right. You don't catch any of the good breaks. And that's. . .

goals for this week.

ankleRemember when way back in May I said I that I was going to post my goals for the week on Mondays? Then, remember when that very same week, a tornado came through and kicked our ass? Well, I think life is finally starting to get back to normal enough that I can resume my plan for weekly goal-setting. For the past month, it has been a lot of holding my breath just to make it through, but now, things. . .

monday motivation: living

liveBeing cautious has its place, but living life without spontaneity or excitement is barely living at all. This week, lets all try to put aside our reservations and just do something. Do one thing you've been holding off on. It can be big or small, but do something that put's your life in motion.