six months in: a 2011 goals report card

Remember when I said waaaaay back in February that I was going to check in every two months and give you an update on how I was doing with my New Year’s Goals? Pssssh. Obviously, that didn’t happen! In fact, I had totally forgotten all about my update posts until I saw Theresa over at Active Eggplant do one. Thanks for the ping, Theresa. So let’s see how I’m doing…

1. Have over $10,000 in savings.

(C-) In February, I gave myself a solid “A” for this goal, but as of recent, we’ve had quite a few events (a-hehm, tornado, anyone?) that have taken a bite out of our savings. Honestly, as proud I am that we have had the cash to deal with emergencies and other things that pop-up and not use credit, it is hard to see our savings account not growing. And we aren’t being super frugal either. Hopefully the second part of the year we can make some major gains.

2. Make the 2011 holidays less stressful.

(A+) Our SwagBucks money keeps growing and growing and my side of the family has decided to step back on presents and instead do some sort of yet-to-be-determined gift exchange. Also, we’ve made the decision to not go to Canada for the holidays, which saves a lot of stress and money (even though it is a bummer to not see Babyface’s family).

3. Run at least five races.

(A) I’ve run two already—IU 5K and the 500 Festival Mini Marathon. I have one in two weeks and then will have a ton of the “usual” races in Fall.

4. Try more recipes from my cookbooks.

(D-) This one is plummeting fast. I blame 90% on this on the discovery of Pinterest. I find so many interesting things on there and never even think about cracking open a cookbook. Maybe I should set a specific goal. Once we get back into our kitchen, I’d like to make one recipe a week from one of my cookbooks.

5. Hit my goal weight.

(C) I’m maintaining just fine. Right now, my goal is to build strength, so who know how that will affect the scale. It was crazy, this goal seemed pretty important to me six months ago, but now…meh? They idea of “goal weight” almost makes me feel sick. I don’t want to set a “goal” for a number on the scale. My goal is health, strength and fitness.

6. Read 25 books.

(A) I’ve read 15 books already this year. Which is the same number I read in all of 2010, so that is already a victory! I think I’ll make this goal no problem. Just as long as I can stay away from the TV. Keep track of my progress on Goodreads!

7. Get 200,000 views on my blog.

I am very, very happy to report that this goal is COMPLETED. Woohoo! I just cracked the 200,000 mark recently. Not too shabby for only being around for the past 9 months. It is so crazy how readership grows exponentially. When I made this goal 6 months ago, it seemed almost impossible. And now, I’m completing it 6 months early. Unbelievable. Thank you all so much for reading! I am so very, very grateful and love doing this!

8. Reduce our environmental impact.

(F) Still failing at this. I had all the grand plans to recycle and make a compost pile and do rain barrels, but I think the apartment living has finally gotten me down. I cannot, for the life of me, find a spot for recycling bins. I’m kinda defeated on this one. There have been a few things that stuck. We stopped using paper napkins (we used to use two every night for dinner!) and now use fabric. I made reusable snack bags for our lunches. But beyond that, not much. Anyone have any suggestions for ways to make this work?

9. Eat more locally.

(A) Our freezer is stuffed with local meat and our fridge is packed with local veggies and fruit. This time of year, this goal is easy, easy, easy! It’s when December comes around that it gets more difficult. To fix that, we are going to try to preserve (freeze and can) as much as possible during the bountiful months.

10. Limit the amount of TV we watch on weeknights.

(F) I love TV. Even now that we are without a TV in our temporary apartment, we’ve been watching Friday Night Lights (LOVE) and Make It or Break It on Hulu. Watching TV is my absolute favorite way to relax. Starting to wonder if that is a bad thing or not?

11. Donate my time to more volunteer organizations.

(D) We’ve donated a lot of money this year, but time…not so much. I should really just pick an organization and help.

How are your 2011 goals shaping up?


  1. shauna says

    Regarding number 8: I totally feel you on this one! We do recycle (we have two garbage cans in the kitchen. One for garbage, one for recycling), but it’s really not what it could be. I would love to compost, but that’s kind of a joke considering where I live. I wish I had some suggestions for you!

    Congrats on reaching 200,000 views! That’s fantastic! :)

  2. says

    15 books already??? I think I’m still on #3 or 4 for the year! …and quite possible 3 or 4 million hours of TV. I’m addicted!

    I think sound finances and being healthy are the most important goals anyone can have – and there doesn’t need to be a number attached to either of them. As long as you’re making progress you’re doing well!

    (And thanks for the shout-out!)

    • Cassie says

      Honestly, the only reason I read so much is because Babyface and I watch most of our shows together, so on nights when he is working late, I can’t very well watch “our” shows without him, so I read. 😛

  3. says

    Hey there! I discovered your blog last week and absolutely love it! I was so sorry to hear about the tornado damage to your apartment, but am glad you guys are handling it so optimistically. Your goals are awesome, and ambitious, and good for you for sharing them with the world. It’s such a great way to keep yourself on track. :)

    I blog about cutting back on waste and being more environmentally friendly in my domestic life at Feel free to check it out. There might be some useful ideas for Goal #8.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m loving the blog. Congrats on your progress and good luck!


  4. says

    Congrats on your 200,000 views goal! I think a big reason (apart from your wonderful content of course!) is because your blog re-design is seriously awesome. You have one of the best looking personal blogs I’ve seen!

    One of my goals for the end of the year is to be able to design/build my own. I’ve been busy learning HTML and CSS, so hopefully I can stay on track. Your blog is an inspiration!

    • Cassie says

      Aww, thank you so much! I’m very lucky that building websites is actually my day job, so it translated well into my hobby. Good luck with your redesign!

  5. Amy says

    My husband & I live in a small apartment, too, & we just put all of our recyclables in a Trader Joe’s reuseable grocery bag next to our trash can. Our city doesn’t require that we separate our recyclables, but if yours does, you could just dump everything in one container in your apartment & sort it out at your recycling center.
    Congrats on the 200,000 views!! That’s awesome :-)

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