monday motivation: home

I don’t have any great pearls of wisdom for you this Monday morning. What I do have is the fantastic news that we were able to move back into our apartment (mostly) yesterday!ย  There are a whole lot of things that still need work, but I got to sleep in my bed last night and make a smoothie in my blender this morning, and really, what else does a girl need?

I always knew I was a homebody before the tornado, but I had no idea how much of my strength, resolve, and energy I draw from being at my proverbial “home”. The past 12 days have shown me so much about what is important to me and Babyface. Home, wherever it is, is vitally important to my happiness. And now things are certainly looking up. I hope your week starts off as well as mine has. Happy Monday!




  1. says

    SO happy to hear you’re back at home & life is getting back to normal for you! I can’t imagine going through what you just did, let alone make it through with as much grace and positivity has you have! Definitely a lesson for all of us!

    • Cassie says

      Thank you! Although it hasn’t all be graceful. I threw a hissy fit on Saturday when they told us they couldn’t fix our A/C. A broom was thrown. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Cassie says

      Thanks! This is literally all over the news here. She disappeared just a few blocks from my work. So scary. She was only walking a block and a half from a bar to her apartment on a downtown, busy, well-lit street. A walk I would have never even thought twice about doing. I certainly hope it ends happy.

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