hello, nyc!

Still hanging out in NYC for a little bit longer. We’re having a blast exploring all the places we’ve seen in TV and movies. It is surreal to be here, and totally different from what I imagined it’d be like. More on that later.

For now, here are the important things you need to know:

  • Within 30 minutes of getting into Manhattan, we saw our first real, huge NYC rat.
  • Emotionally, I didn’t feel a thing at Ground Zero (weird, right?).
  • So far I’ve eaten Mexican, Italian, and more Italian.
  • I’m pretty positive English is the least used language on this island.
  • Not sure where the rude reputation came from, everyone has been bending-over-backwards nice to us.
  • For a country girl with limited public transportation experience, I am a subway navigating superstar.

More when I’m back on Hoosier soil.



  1. Anna says

    Granted, I grew up right outside of NYC and went to college at NYU, but I’m not sure where New Yorkers get such a bad rep either. Though I never did see a huge rat – I think it’s a sign of good luck :)

    • Cassie says

      Is seeing the rat good luck or not? Because that big guy was pretty much waiting for me as soon as I stepped into the Subway.

    • Cassie says

      Yeah, everyone was super helpful and nice. I’ve actually never had any issues with traveling and people being rude. Tip well, smile lots and be polite. It’s amazing what kind of doors manners can open up!

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