today’s eats: draggin’ ass

As I was wadding up Babyface’s hoodie into a ball to make a travel pillow on the plane and so tired I could barely speak, I decided that my today’s eats posts should all be named. After all, pretty much all the food decisions in a day are tied with some sort of thread. Today’s theme? Draggin’ ass. Pardon my language,  but there is really no better phrase for how I’ve felt all day.

Protip: four hours of sleep is not enough before a 12 hour travel day.

Anyway, onto the eats. I ate a ton of food today. Rightfully so. We were told we’d have appetizers at our event last night, so Babyface and I figured we could make a dinner on that. What we had? Jelly beans, cashews and hard breadsticks. Lame! Add that to the massive amount of champagne I consumed, two straight day of walking all over Manhattan and three hours of dancing and a big food day was necessary.


We got to spin a prize wheel when we checked into our hotel and our prize was $10 of “cupboard cash” to be used in the hotel’s convenience store. We cashed it in this morning to get muffins, juice and (unpictured) yogurt. Picture taken in the cab on the way to airport. Right after we came out of the Queens Midtown tunnel where I spent the entire time trying to NOT focus on the fact that we were under thousands of tons of life-crushing water.

Once at the airport and through the henious security line, I was hungry again and this time, for protein. NYC food is very carb heavy. My body was in dire need of some protein. So Babyface and I shared a fruit and cheese plate and a turkey and cheese croissant from au bon pain.

And coffee. Now, I rarely drink coffee. And when I do, it is almost always decaf. But this morning, no way. Full leaded. And it didn’t even make a dent in my yawns.


Airplane peanuts and a juicy YA novel (which I finished, definitely best book in the series so far).

I also had a bite of this Kashi GoLean Roll thingy (also from our free Cupboard Cash). It was good! Tasted like a healthy candy bar.


During our layover in Baltimore, we found this really awesome diner that focuses on local, organic and sustainably raised food. A total score for airport food! The diner had traditional diner fare, but with fun, fresh, “real food” twists.

They even had vegan and gluten-free sections of their menu and listed the names and locations for the farms where they sourced their ingredients. Very cool!

We started off with the hummus platter. Yum!

Cranberry tarragon chicken salad on whole grain bread with a summer fruit spinach salad on the side. Not bad for a diner in the middle of an airport terminal, eh?

After lunch, I declared, “I need a cookie!” So Babyface and I went in search of a cookie and landed at Subway. We split these.


Once we landed in Louisville, we knew we had a 90 minute drive ahead and neither of us were coherent enough to pilot a car up Interstate 65. So more coffee. Actually espresso. Caramel machiatto. This time it helped. As did driving with the windows down. We made it home alive.


In case you ever doubted it, advertising works, kids. Just outside of Louisville, I saw a billboard for Panera and decided we must have that for dinner. An hour later, I was ordering French onion soup, half of a Mediterranean veggie sandwich and an apple.

And now I’m going to bed. And try to forget the fact that I have to travel again in four days…


  1. Alicia says

    i <3 panera, it's definitely a weakness of mine. and i think the picture of you (and the coffee-grippy-thingy) is super cute! glad you made it home safe :)

    • Cassie says

      Haha, thanks! I was so tired at that point I was trying to do my “tired” face, but I’m not sure it came across.

  2. Suzanne says

    Traveling and finding healthy choices are always a challenge.Glad you made it home safe.Love your hair and nails.Did you do your nails yourself or have them done?

    • Cassie says

      Thanks! I did them myself. There are so many great nail polish pens out there now that make stuff like that pretty easy. :)

      • Suzanne says

        Oh really? I had no idea.I haven’t bought nail polish in several years.Haha.I’ll have to make a trip to the cosmetic aisle. :)

    • Cassie says

      YES. He was amazing! We were all laughing and up and dancing. One of the highlights of the night. 😀

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