attack of the cucumbers.

We leave for the holiday weekend and come back to this:

Apparently our two cucumber plants decided it was high-time that they started producing. Expect a lot cucumber recipes this week. If you are eating seasonally, you could probably use some, too. As great as cucumbers are, they are almost impossible to preserve (other than pickling). So you gotta get your cucumber on while the gettin’ is good.

And the gettin’ is certainly good right now.

Psssst….while you are waiting for my cucumber-y return, go check out my Ten Minute Tzatziki. It was the very first recipe on BTHR!

What’s your favorite way to eat a cucumber?


      • says

        how do you set up a frame to grow them on? I am planning for this coming spring /summer and want the frame ready for a harvastso please let a newbie know how to stake or set a frame or whatever I have an area good dirt well fert. and good sun but ….

    • Cassie says

      What don’t you like about cucumbers? Babyface always said he didn’t like them, but then I peeled them for him and it was like a WHOLE NEW CUCUMBER WORLD. He loved the taste, just not the texture of the peel.

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