one minute peanut butter cake

One Minute Peanut Butter Cake

Picture this scene: it’s 8:30 in the evening. The sky is just starting to get dark outside your living room window. You ate a delicious, healthy and veggie-filled dinner a few hours ago and now you are ready to sit down to the most recent episode of So You Think You Can Dance and dive into a decadent plate of dessert.

Oh wait, you have no dessert.

No chocolate, no cookies, no ice cream, no cake, no pie, not even a Jordan almond. What’s a girl to do?

Well she’s to go to her microwave.

You can make a delicious, fluffy, moist peanut butter cake in your microwave in about one minute (30 seconds mixing, 30 seconds zapping). It even has frosting (as any good cake does). This is portion control and convenience at their greatest.

The options are also pretty endless. Toss in a tablespoon of chocolate chips for a chocolatey and gooey kick (like I did) or a few peanuts for an earthy crunch. Or leave it plain for the quickest and easiest route to dessert o’clock.

One Minute Peanut Butter Cake

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Serves One

Like my peanut butter microwave cake? I also make a Nutella chocolate one that comes together just as quickly. Yum!


  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 heaping tablespoon flour
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 1 teaspoon milk
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar (give or take)


  1. In a small bowl, whisk together egg, brown sugar, baking powder, peanut butter and flour.
  2. Pour batter into a greased ramekin. Microwave for 30 seconds.
  3. While the cake is microwaving, stir together milk and powdered sugar, adding more powdered sugar if necessary to thicken frosting.
  4. Remove cake from ramekin (or don’t), pour frosting over top.
  5. Enjoy!

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I just tried it! No sweets in the house, and neither Mr. B nor I feel like leaving for the grocery store tonight…and what do you know, I actually DO have all of these ingredients (including chocolate chips, which is a rare miracle). Cake came together so easy and the taste is just right to satisfy an evening carb craving. I DID not follow the microwave instructions and nuked my cakes for 50 seconds instead of 30–the texture (and I) suffered for my mistake.

I have tried your cooking and buying bread is not in my budget now. Breakfast with my family is more enjoyable than ever, my family is on table together again.
Thank you

So I was just sitting here, feeling sorry for myself that I had nothing for dessert and this post showed up in my reader. I didn’t have any peanut butter, but I had a few squeeze packets of Justin’s Almond Butter and they were fantastic!

Yay for quick desserts!

I had a sweet tooth but didn’t feel like firing up the oven. Tried this quick recipe. The frosting was great (added a little vanilla and nutmeg for taste) but the cake was a little bland but for a few minutes instead of an hour,and less clean up, it was good enough to satisfy that sweet tooth!

This is such a goo idea! Who doesn’t love peanut butter, too.

I often find myself in this dilemma – looking for a sweet morsel after dinner and these are all things you likely would have in your kitchen. Making it soon. Thanks!!

I love the idea that it is small and portioned controlled… so it’s not so easy to over indulge! Thanks for sharing!
I am sharing this one with my team on Spark!

If I’m feeling particularly controlled, I’ll pour the batter into two smaller ramekins and split the serving with Babyface. That makes it out to be only about a 200 calorie treat.

Sadly, the recipe needs some tweaking to work with Nutella instead of peanut butter. And I only had 2 eggs, so I wasn’t able to do much tweaking.

It wasn’t pretty, but it was still tasty.

Oh bummer! What happened? Was the nutella too runny? Maybe add a bit more flour? They aren’t pretty cakes to begin with. πŸ˜›

Just made it with Nutella – 2 tablespoons, 45 seconds. Added shredded coconut. Um…AWE-SOME!!!!

One of the other commenters is going to try it in the oven and report back on how much time it takes. πŸ˜€

I love portion control recipes like this! But I don’t have a microwave! How long would it take to bake in an oven at 350 degrees?

Hmmm! Just a rough guess would be 10-15 minutes, but I really have no idea. I’d put it in and then do the toothpick test every few minutes or so and then you’ll know for the future. Let me know the results, if you don’t mind, and I’ll add ’em to the recipe!

OH MAH GAWD. this is amazing!! i had everything except for the flour, so i just used pancake mix. hahaha but it still came out DELICIOUS!! I LOVE THIS RECIPE.

Not entirely sure (another commenter is going to test it out and report back) but a wild guess is between 10-15 minutes in a 350Β° oven. But do the toothpick test often because it might be much less than that or much more.

I only have 30 seconds to post this (my cake is microwaving) but I have to say that this recipe is PURE GENIUS. Thank you!!!!! (PS – want to make this lower calorie? Use PB2 from Bell Plantation. It is REAL peanut butter but only 52 calories for 2T)

LOVED this! Didn’t have any chocolate chips in the house so i mashed up some bananas and broke up a few pieces of cappucino flavored dark chocolate and it was amazing! thank you so much!

Hmm, well you can always eat the cake without the glaze, although I tend to think it is too dry that way. Do you have any chocolate sauce to drizzle on? Or a scoop of ice cream would work well too. If all else fails, maybe some maple syrup or honey.

mmm…i tried the jam idea and it is delicious!!! i had all theingredients for the icing but i just couldnt pass up the jamidea!!

Just tried some, baked it in the same bowl I whisked everything in. Sticky, but delish. No icing for me this time, maybe next. Good job!

If you don’t like it stick, you can microwave for a few seconds longer, but be warned, it gets very dry, very fast. Glad you liked it! πŸ˜€

You can use any microwave safe bowl or mug. Just make sure it is on the large side and that you grease it well.

I think you’re my hero. A rare weekend by myself while the rest of the family is out of town… this calls for peanut butter in cake form. I think I’ll add some walnuts! Thanks!!

Life is too short to not try microwaved peanut butter cake! LOL! I nuked for 50 seconds, and it was PERFECT. YUM! Thanks for posting this quick recipe.

Ohh big bummer I dont have a ramekin. I keep saying I’m gonna buy some and keep forgetting. Guess this weekend is a perfect time to go get some =) Thanks for the recipe looking forward to trying it =)

Yes, you should head out and buy ramekins because they are FUN! But you could probably make this in any microwave safe bowl or mug. πŸ˜€

Absolutely use a coffee mug! The cake dries out quickly, so I’d start with the 30 seconds, and then check it. If it looks undone, microwave 10 seconds at a time. Let me know how it turns out!

Well, now I know what a rammekin is! Thanks for helping me learn something new. I’ll definately try this once I find something rammekinish in my cupboards. =)

I use ramekins for everything! I think they are so fun and help me with portion control. But I’d say any microwavable bowl or mug will work. πŸ˜€

It seems lots of people have added this to their pin boards on Pinterest. That’s how I found it. Sounds like a perfect snack for tonight! I think I’ll drizzle mine with nutella.

Oooh! Drizzled with nutella sounds amazing. Speaking of Pinterest and Nutella, I saw a homemade Nutella recipe on there that I must test out! Thanks for reminding me. πŸ™‚

This is perfect! We have a child with peanut allergy and I have been craving peanut butter desserts. Now my husband and I can enjoy a little peanut butter treat after the kids are in bed. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

so i was on when i stumbled upon this and decided since i have all the ingredients that i’d try it. i added milk when i wasnt supposed to and used a bigger bowl so mine came out chunky. it tasted good and weird at the same time. probably because of the milk being added. other wise it tasted good and im gonna try it again when i get more eggs =] good recipie and very simple

Definitely wait on the milk next time and make sure you whisk it really well before microwaving. Glad you still liked it though!

Oooh, I just stumbled upon this and had to drop everything to make it. Wonderful! I added chocolate chips and only used 1/4 tsp. milk in the glaze to get it a little thicker. I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing it.

yummy! i put nutella on the bottom of the cup so that when i inverted it it had melted nutella on the top πŸ™‚

Wow! This is absolutly extraordinary! Just as I was surfing the web simioltaneously craving something peanut-buttery, this popped up. I mixed chocolate chips, chopped nut ice cream toppings and raisins, it tasted like a yummy trail mix!

okay so I just tried this and my ramekin was too small so I got a mini volcano… a mini but very tasty volcano πŸ˜›

I also got an amazing little volcano! ps if you mix a tiny bit of vanilla and cocoa powder with the icing it becomes dangerously tasty =]

Wonder if I could finagle a low carb version using coconut flour and xylitol instead of flour and sugar…

The amounts are small enough that it’s at least worth trying out. I think if I cut the amount of flour in half (coconut soaks up a LOT of moisture) and used equal amount of xylitol to sugar with a drop or so of stevia extract I could make it work…

It WORKS! I made this successfully with these modifications:

subbed a 1/2 to a scant tbsp coconut flour for the flour
subbed a tbsp xylitol for the brown sugar

the rest was pretty much the same except I didn’t do frosting, I used sugar free chocolate syrup, and I didn’t have a ramekin so I did it in a microwave safe bowl. Also, mine took a minute instead of 30 seconds, but that might just be because of my microwave or the coconut flour. Very pleased with this!! I now have a dessert I can whip up super fast when I NEED something sweet. <3

As I sit here stumbling, with an 8 month old laid asleep, across my lap, I think about HOW HUNGRY I am, and that my sweet tooth is SCREAMING at me. Then I find this, and I see that I, indeed, have EVERYTHING on this list. My mouth is watering as I type. xoxo

You could try other kinds of nut butters (almond, sunflower, coconut, etc.) but I’ve never tested it. If you try it, let me know!

I tried this, substituting the peanut butter for nutella and it turned out beaut when served with fresh cream or ice cream! Like brownies in a few minutes! <3

I didn’t have any baking powder so I had to substitute with pancake mix as someone mentioned before for flour. Turned out pretty great although I had to microwave a little longer (not sure but it might just be due to crappy microwave) I mixed some cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg into the glaze- delicious πŸ™‚ awesome idea.

this is actually a very reasonably good tasting cake, considering its method and level of ease. it actually tasted like cake! i microwaved it for 40 sec though i think next time i’ll do 30 sec. i’ll also be interested in adding cocoa to this to make it an easy chocolate cake.

Thank you Stumble! This obviously won’t win a Pillsbury bakeoff, but late on a Saturday night, this worked like a champ! Completely surprised! Will try different toppings, probably chocolate to make a Reese’s cake.

Being quite the baker myself.. I was a little hesitant to try this.. However, like most people, I needed dessert and was too lazy to bake a time consuming cake. So.. I tried this.. DELICIOUS!! Instead of the powdered sugar glaze.. I melted chocolate and drizzled that on it. I also used chunky peanut butter to give it some texture.

Genius πŸ™‚

Oh my! I made this tonight and it was heavenly! It was just what I needed. I used a teaspoon of nutella on top of the two tablespoons of peanut butter and chocolate chips. It was a great combo! I will be making this frequently. πŸ™‚

You, Ms. Cassie, are a flippin’ genius!
I used Almond Butter, and only had Self-Rising flour, so I omitted the baking powder. Added about a Tbls of mini chocolate chips.
Poured into a large mug…nuked for 30 + 8 + 8…Perfection! I didn’t even bother with icing. Yum, yum! I’m having it for breakfast. Thank you! πŸ™‚
This post is printed AND bookmarked!

I got SO excited when I found out one of the people I follow on tumblr had blogged about this. I tried the chocolate mug microwave cake many times and found it icky and too dry but a great idea, so i jumped at the prospect of this one.
This one is good but it had a funny dry texture on the inside when I made it, I’m thinking about adding more liquids, like some milk before it gets zapped, do you think that’ll help or is that just the way microwave cakes get? (I zapped it for 30 seconds). The batter by itself before it was microwaved tasted incredible (yes I’m one of those terrible people who have to taste it beforehand, lol)
Thanks for posting this recipe though! It’s inspired me to start experimenting with the microwave more πŸ™‚

Hmmm, I think that is one of the issues with microwave cakes. Whenever I make it, it is barely cooked on the outside (even a little gooey) and dry in the middle.

Let me know if you figure out a way to get around it!

Found your site on stumble upon. Was feeling an intense sugar/sweet/something-something craving. Immediately enacted your one minute peanut butter cake emergency plan. Took me about 5 minutes. That’s cool! AND I LOVED IT. Crisis averted and peace remains in the household. This will be my fall back sweet fix forever. FYI I added dominican vanilla to the powdered sugar and coconut milk and heaven was the result. I am super happy, Thanks! (and full!)

I soooooo have to try this! Especially since all the comments are saying it is to die for! I am a student and go back to the dorms in August. Gives me time to try and if I like it then make some zip lock bags up of the dry ingredients to have on hand! I could also give as little gifts for my friends! Thanks πŸ™‚ Oh and I stumbled upon this!

I also have a blog and trying to get it started, any advice would be loved!

Oh my gosh. this looks soooooo good! I love peanut butter. I cant wait to try this out! thank you so much for the idea! i love the pictures by the way.

These are great but CALORIE BOMB!!! i didnt put it into an analyzer but in my head i got to 400 easy. if you are trying to watch your waist line… dont ever make one of these. i used to make chocolate cake in a cup things and they become QUITE addictive because of how easy they are. OH also, you can usually nix the egg and just toss in a little tiny bit of yogurt and more baking powder.

I just found this on stumbleuppon and I had a need to try it. WONDERFUL! I love this cake so much, and so do my little cousins! I added a little extra brown sugar and some coco powder and it turned out amazing! Thank you so much for posting this, I will deffently make this for years to come!

I tried this in the microwave; it was great. Will this same list of ingredients work in the oven. I’m thinking about featuring it on my Big Green Egg actually, indirect…thoughts?

I think it should work fine, I’m just not sure on the timing, you’d have to watch it closely the first time to figure it out. Good luck!

I found this recipe a while ago and finally have the brown sugar to make it! i also had a reeses peanut butter cup calling my name so i combined the two and it was delicious! I just put the cup ontop of my batter and it sunk slight while baking and got all melty and gooey. delicious!

Hmmm. I’m not sure. I’m inclined to think the honey is to liquidy and the regular sugar will make it too dry or cookie-like. But try it out an let me know!

I tried it with protein powder instead of flour. It was crumbly, tasty and packed full of protein. A quick and easy guilt-free pleasure πŸ™‚

wow this is the first recipe i had made on my own at home. i am not much of a peanut butter fan and i couldnt make the frosting for i had no powdered sugar but this is awesome! i love how fluffly it is! thank you so much!

just made this to surprise my little sister while she was watching a movie..she LOVED it!!! Drizzled with nutella is definitely a must! Great recipe, super easy! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

Unreal….used diet caramel sauce instead of icing. Thanks. This is quick enough for me to mix at home and cook up at work for these cold winter days.

O.M.G. I’m going to try this right now…Pardon me for talking with my mouth full…Thith ith wery nithe…I’m not an innovator so I followed your original recipe, and topped the finished cake with a teaspoon of Nutella…No ramekin, but my large coffee mug served very well…I used non-stick spray. I’m not sure I’d make it unless I was reeaally desperate for some little sweetie, but it certainly more than serves the purpose. Thank you and feel free to experiment anytime.

Similar to the life saving mug cake– but better!
Having had the experience of microwaving a mug full cake batter for a quick dessert, I just used a mug instead of a ramekin! Works just as well.
Love this recipe, desperate times call for desperate measures no more!

ohmygosh this has absolutely made my day. i stumbled to this recipe and immediately had to try it!!! ahhh it fascinated me how easy it was, and i will forsure be making it again soon! thanks so much for sharing!!

Wow! This sounds so ooey gooey quick and easy! I am to have this for dessert tonight. I’d like to thank you for sharing and I’d like to thank stumpbleupon because without ’em I had never known this existed so Thanks!

THIS IS SO IRONIC. I StumbledUpon this at 1 AM. And started reading, and that literally was EXACTLY what my night was, SYTYCD and all. I can’t believe it. I googled a bunch of quick desserts, and this one sounds SO MUCH BETTER. Damn you, Internets.

Putting cointreau in this! Double double yum!
oh, and by the way.
Pantry made need to up to the peanut butter supply from now on πŸ˜‰

Thank you very much for this.
My wife is not feeling very happy tonight (lots of study) and it put a smile on her face again.

I added 1tbs of strawberry jam to the mix as well (I did not have enough peanut butter).

A scoop of vanilla ice cream with a very small amount of melted choc and it went down a treat.

Holy guacamole! dude, you are doing the lords work. Little peanut butter cakes, really!?! I just put you on my bookmark hun. I won’t try this recipe until next week, because I have to watch the amount of goodies I eat per week, but once I do eat these cakes I will comment here about it.

this website is soooo bookmarked.

Just made some for my family and I. Had to multiply all the portions by 4 for everyone. They Turned out AMAZING! I added vanilla and almond extracts to the frosting, and it was perfect. That hit the spot just perfectly! Thanks for a great recipe πŸ˜€

Loved it. Try tossing in some cinnamon chips, adds great flavor. Great recipe though, first time only took my 5min.

This was the best thing to stumbleupon. I was so hungry but in the midst of a 100+ degree heatwave there is no way I’m turning on the gas stove. I don’t feel too bad about it being dessert because it’s actually pretty nutritious πŸ™‚

Made this for my gf last night and gotta say it definitely earned some brownie points. That or perhaps it was the extra icing. Thanks for an awesome, quick, and delicious recipe!

Hmmm, I haven’t tested anything out, but I have seen quite a few mentions of a Chocolate Microwave Mug Cake in these comments. You might try Googling it! Let me know if you find anything. πŸ˜€

I would say so, I’m just not sure (a) how much to tell you to sub for one egg and (b) how it’ll affect the chemistry. But test it out and let me know!

Oh……my………god. This is only THE BEST thing I have ever stumbled on, on the internet! As soon as I came across this I jumped up and made one. I love peanut butter and chocolate together but in Australia you can’t really get any products of this combo like America has the Reece’s stuff etc. This was SOOOOOO GOOD!
I’ve saved the recipe in about 10 places so I never lose it. Now I can get my peanut butter and chocolate fix whenever I want! Thank you!

Convection is ONLY a little slower and will leave your food ALIVE! sorry to all that bought the micro sales pitch…

Cassie, this is SO CRAZY! No one would believe it if they didn’t try it.

I’ve made this 3 times in the past week for my girlfriend, BFF and my Mama. My sweet Mama of 85 years old sat in her chair and kept saying, “There’s No WAY you’re going to microwave me a peanut butter cake in 30 seconds.” Beep, beep, beep… here you go, Mama! Enjoy!

People! Make this NOW! Everyone loves it. It’s amazing πŸ™‚

Thank you Cassie.

Just made it. <3 Turned out quite nice. I put chopped pecans at te bottem so when I flipped it they were on top and I filled it with homemade golden raspberry jam. Will be a definate remake. I think the kids I babysit will love it.

You know, I tried this tonight and didn’t seem to have as much success as everyone else claims to have had.

It pretty much came out as a GIANT, savory peanut butter muffin. It wasn’t sweet enough – I think that was the main problem. I didn’t have choc chips either, and that would have helped with the sweetness.

I guess I over-did it on the baking powder side, which would explain the giantness πŸ˜›

I just made this- wow! It’s scrumptious! I found that the top looked wet after 30 seconds so I cooked it a bit more. That may have been a mistake (it was a tad dry) but STILL!!! So. good. Thank you.

This was amazing! I just shared this with my two little girls. They felt so special that we had cake on a regular night! Now I have just three small bowls to wash (although they are licked so clean I could probably put them back in the cupboard and no one would be the wiser! Thanks for sharing!

Made this twice in 2 days… first day with choc chips (YUM), today I put 1/2 the batter in, added a dollop of strawberry jam, then covered with the rest of the batter. The jam did pop over the side a bit while cooking, but OH WELL, it was delicious! Thank you!

Hey this recipe is so perfect for satisfying my late night sweet tooth. It works with whole wheat flour, too! I like to pour almond milk over the final product (which i bake in a mug) and settle down with a milky, chocolaty guilty pleasure. Thanks Cassie!

I’m allergic to peanut butter but this sounded delicious and easy so I just took the peanut butter out. It was perfect! πŸ™‚

I want to try this recipe out, but unfortunately I don’t have brown sugar. Any ideas on what I could use to replace it, or no? Thanks. c:

I made this with 1/2 banana instead of an egg (I am vegan) and microwaved for 45 seconds. De-lish!
(When I am not able to use up bananas before they get too ripe, I place them in the freezer. When I need an egg or 2, I thaw the banana and it comes out of the peel like toothpaste. Works for all baking; adds richness and sweetness.)

Thank you for adding this! It’s late at night. I am desperate for cakey goodness and no eggs! I have a freezer full of eggs. THANK YOU!

I read this, made it and ate it all within five minutes! But seriously stop at 30 seconds because it only looks like it isn’t cooked through. Trust me, it is.

I was sitting here craving something sweet and saw this pop up on Pinterest. I have Celiac Disease so I took a gamble and made this with Gluten Free flour and it came out perfectly. Thank you!

I also have Celiac Disease. I found this recipe and made a few changes. I used multipurpose Gluten Free flour. I used chunkie pb. The recipe called for a heaping TB. I used level Tbls of PB and added a bit of cocoa. It turned out great! Thanks for the recipe!

Hi, I made it and it worked perfectly! My mom has this gross whole grain flour in the house so that threw off the flavor a tad but for the icing since im not a huge fan of the taste originally i simply added about a teaspoon and a half of peanut-butter and microwaved it for 10 seconds and stirred it and put it on the cake! Delicious!

I just made this for my supper tonight (that’s right.. not just dessert). Added crushed up peanut m&ms to the cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate syrup on top… delicious! (the workouts and better diet are starting tomorrow).

I’ve already made this three times this week. I even added a layer of finely sliced bananas in the middle, chocolate chips in the mix and instead of the frosting I added a thin layer of nutella with 10 seconds left on the timer so it seeped into the cake juuust the right gooey amount.


I used Rye Flour instead of normal flour (no normal flour in the house) and normal sugar instead of brown sugar, and it worked just fine. I had to microwave it for one minute instead though. But one thing that happened was that the peanut butter sunk to the bottom of the bowl, and when I removed the cake from the bowl it lost most of its peanut butter.

I stumbled upon this recipe and immediately needed to make it! My husband found it easy enough so he volunteered to make it! THANK YOU for creating a delicious dessert that my husband can make!!!

I came across this recipe on foodgawker and had to try it. It turned it better than I expected and was super easy. I added chocolate chips and marshmallows. Amazing!

Gotta check in here and say I LOVE this! I make it a couple times a week…yep, busted, lol. Also want to clarify, bc I see it in the picture but not in your recipe ingredients: it is wayyy too sweet if made w/ regular peanut butter. I would suggest either changing that or omitting the sugar if regular peanut butter is used.

I made it with regular peanut butter (Jif creamy) and it wasn’t too sweet for me (I typically don’t like things too sweet). It’s really tasty!

I want to try it with crunchy peanut butter now!

This was awesome! Just the thing i needed to get my mind off things πŸ˜€ i made one with just peanut butter and another with one tb peanutbutter and a tb of nutella, had to microwave it a little bit longer but it was worth it πŸ˜€

For anyone that is wondering… I put all the ingredients into a recipe calorie counter and it came up with about 374 calories per cake. Not bad if you share it with someone!!!

Made this just now, and my thoughts:
It took my microwave about 1 whole minute to cook it, and I have a new microwave, but it still wasn’t as long as a normal cake! I love the portion size. I made mine in a mug so it’s bigger πŸ™‚ And I added more powdered sugar/milk mix b/c I like mine gooier. I recommend it, definitely!! Thanks for a really great and quick recipe!

this is, without a doubt, one of the most brilliant deserts ever! right after reading it, i jumped off the couch and made it to eat while i watched a movie! it was so delicious; in fact, i’m still eating it right now! amazing. thank you so much!

So glad I stumbled on this!!!! There are so many nights that I am looking for something sweet to eat and I am not in the mood for baking! So this simple sweet will be great! Plus my I think my 3 year old will love it considering it has his 2 favorite loves, chocolate chips and peanut butter!

thank you so much for sharing this really is what i needed !!! my uncle passed away earlier his week (third death in my family with in the year) i was stumbling and cam across this and decided that i needed this!!! it turned out amazing!!!

I’m eating it right now. I didn’t have brown sugar, and read earlier that regular sugar could dry it out, so I only put 1 TSP sugar. I also tore up a tiny bit of marshmallow and added a little chocolate magic shell to sweeten it up. Turned out great at 45 seconds in my pathetic microwave. No glaze (no powdered sugar), but still great and REALLY rich!

This recipe looks so delicious! My mouth is just watering over here…I will try the recipe as you have stated above but I am also anxious to try some of the other ideas that your users have as well!

Cassie, I usually avoid blogs like these, but now I’m a believer. I’m a college junior who loves to cook, but I’m forced to do my best with, err, feeble resources. I made this as you wrote it and added some butterscotch chips. You are my new “celebrity” chef crush.

Keep on keepin’ on.

I made your Nutella version last night and it was good so hubby and I thought we’d try the peanut butter version. I totally made it wrong (added the powdered sugar and milk to the mix instead of as a frosting- oops) and it still came out so good! It was really moist and I didn’t miss having a frosting. Thanks!

I just found this recipe in a dire time of need – when I blog about it tomorrow, I’m calling it a PMS cure! Thank you for sharing!

Also, I read through some of your other posts and I really like your blog! Congrats on the All About Numbers Challenge – I couldn’t even begin to imagine accomplishing such a feat!

This is incredible! && so perfect for me, as a college student who lives alone! I’ve been wanting to try a ‘mug-cake’ for a long time now, but the only ones I would come across were ones that called for cocoa powder, which I of course never have on hand. So this was a must try – & it turned out great! I also cooked it for longer, after 30 seconds I could turn the cup sideways & goo would come out the edges, so I micro’d 10 sec at a time until it looked like it was done, & it didn’t dry out on me! Also, the chocolate chip addition is a MUST!

YUMMY! So I found this 2 weeks before I started a low carb diet, yikes! You can bet I ate this a ton before then. After on the diet I was craving it and found a way to make it super friendly to my diet!

Just added 1 tbsp flax seed, switched flour for almond flour, and brown sugar for splenda, then instead of the icing topping i made my own whip cream with a bit of splenda and heavy cream. Yay!!!! Now i can have it again! Thanks for the awesome recipe! (Could go a step further with ‘natural no sugar added p-butter’ but i kept the good stuff! hehe)

Oh my god. This cake just saved my life. Thank you thank you thank you.

To those of you thinking, “Yum, that sounds tasty. I should make that sometime…” Don’t wait! Go to your kitchen NOW. SO GOOD!

Just tried this. Thought I was missing an ingredient or something. Did not come out good at all. Too spongy and no flavor. I’ll try the nutella one next time πŸ™‚

Try using just half an egg. It’s spongy because there’s a whole egg in what is equal to about two cupcakes. Or, I’ve heard you can also 1 tbsp sub greek yogurt.

I made mine in the oven at 350 and it took about 20 minutes. I put it in a mug and it really is like a cupcake serving or more. Really yummy!

Just tried it because my fiance was whining that we had no more peanut butter fudge. As others said, trust the recipe and don’t over zap. He LOVED it! It’s too easy. Definitely hungry soldier approved!

this is insane!!! Just made it and it was delicious! and huge too… I added a few Ghirardelli chocolate chips and voila a perfect dessert was made. Topped with some whipped cream. Yum!
Thanks a lot! This is a keeper!

Yes on the whole wheat, probably so for the sweetener. But I don’t use artificial sweeteners, so I can’t tell you for sure. πŸ™‚ If you read through the comments, I believe some people have tried it.

Thank you for sharing. As soon as I read the recipe I had to go and make it. It will definitely be posted on my fridge for future reference.

Could you make this with melting peanut butter and adding chocolate chips, we don’t have any eggs. (weird i know!!)

I believe the egg is important in the chemistry of the cake to help it rise. Other folks have said that a flax egg or chia seed egg works in substitution.

thanks, today my mom finally got to go to the store! yay! and as soon as she was back I made this!! Mine was kinda like cake at the bottom, and really peanut buttery at the top. Is it supposed to be like this? It tasted great though!! Only complaint is that it took longer than a minute! haha BUT I’m alright with that! haha

i know you dont need this now but others might find this helpful:
baking without egg is possible. my sister is allergic to egg so we substitute egg with applesuace. for every egg do one large teaspoon of applesuace. it does sound weird but it works!

It’s great vegan option, too. Others that work well are silken tofu, flax seed, or soy flour for binding.

I have been making small cakes similar to this since I was 14 at home for the summer and it was just me and my 14yr old step brother during the day. We were left to our own devices to fix our own food but told to not use the stove.

I made this vegan with orgran egg replacer (mix the powder directly in with the dry ingredients) and soy milk, and brown rice syrup instead of the brown sugar. Delicious!

I made the cake..yum! But for the frosting/glaze, I used 1/2 teaspoon melted butter, 1/4 vanilla extract, 1 TB powdered sugar, 2 teaspoons milk and 1 teaspoon strawberry preserves!! PB and J!!!!!!!!!

It’s up to Recipage if they want to add Pin It or not, but you can have your own “Pin It” bar on your browser and that’s what I use! Just go to About > Pin It Button. πŸ™‚

This recipe literally changed my life. OMG, a 1 minute dessert combining my 2 favorite loves – peanut butter and chocolate!? Sign me up! God bless you Cassie.

Just made myself one of these for breakfast! Super impressed. Our microwave is an older model so it undercooked it a bit, but I like my cakes gooey anyway. Definitely making this a staple.
*also,replaced the powdered sugar with honey, and drizzled the same over top rather than icing, love the combination.

I had to come back to say that I think I got extra lucky having tried this mug cake before any of the others. I’m beginning to think yours are the only good recipes out there! I’m currently counting calories, so I was trying to find a lower cal alternative – but after eating a few cakes that were basically just chocolate flavored eggs – I think I’m just going to stick to this one & make it as a treat every couple weeks.

Made this with no sugar, half the peanut butter and no frosting and it was STILL awesome! Thanks for the recipe!

Tried to mass produce this recipe for my family, (me, the hubs and my son) and it was too hard. Definitively a single serving treat. I double it For me though. Since I don’t have a ramekin, I made it in a tea cup. You know the ones right? They come with the plates from your Granddad that you don’t really know what to do with. Works in a mug too. Thanks again!

Used selfmade peach-jam on top instead of the frosting from your recipe. I could eat tons of this <3

It was soo good! Instead I cooked it for one minute and drizzled warmed Nutella over the top! Made it in two ramekins-one for my older sister and one for me- perfect amount for a mid-day snack. Thank you so much I’ll be making this for my sleepover this week!

This was perfect! It was just what I needed. I try not to keep “just in case” sweets in the house because then EVERY night becomes a “just in case” night :-\

I made this for the first time last night and I will be making it again (I found you via Pinterest).

Yuk! Tried this, it looked ok when done but tasted like stogy peanut butter flavored scrambled eggs. Never again. Oh and it’s optomistic to whisk for less than a minute, soon as you add the peanut butter, it’s like working with plaster. And half a teaspoon is excessive, a normal sponge cake uses about that much. You could taste the baking powder.

I was looking for a peanut butter cake recipe without butter.

I was sooo glad to find your recipe which was unbelievably quick and all the ingredients were there in my kitchen.

Tried it and loved it. Thank you! πŸ™‚

Hi Cassie – I don’t have a microwave – is it ok to cook this in the oven and what temp and time would you recommend? Thanks! Sounds great!

I haven’t tried cooking in the oven, but there are a few folks the comments who have done some experimenting if you want to read their experiences. Good luck!

OMG! Was craving something sweet tonight. Didn’t want to go to the store and certainly didn’t want to end up with a whole cake that I would inevitably feel the need to completely consume. This was perfect!! I didn’t have any chocolate chips so I added some m & m’s from my kids candy jar. Heaven! So nice to eat a “whole” cake and feel no guilt!

Thank you for making a recipe that calls for the whole egg and not just part of it because I HATE separating eggs. I am going to make this asap!

This may seem dumb but how do you know when it’s done? The center remained wet even after a min of cooking. The wet center if touched get absorbed in the cake but you can see the imprint of wetness . If Is it supposed to be slightly wet in the center?