the county fair.

Posted on Jul 24, 2011 in Food

This was my dinner last night. And I don’t regret a single bite.

I figure since I ran two miles today and just ate some kale, it is all balanced out right? Right. Life is short. And I firmly believe that everyone should try a deep-fried Milky Way at least once in their life (it was delicious, by the way).

Happy fair season, friends!

Pick one. Funnel cake or elephant ear?


  1. Forget the desserts. Let me have one of those big ole Indiana tenderloin sandwiches you have in your hand.

    Some things are as synonymous with being a Hoosier as being a basketball or Indycar fanatic. That sandwich is one of those things.

    • It was pretty much incredible. With all the fixin’s.

  2. Funnel cake – hands down! But only if I can have a tub of lemonade like the one you had!

    I miss fairs – when I was in high school I went every year…and haven’t been back since. That means it’s been 15 sad years without funnel cake and corn dogs. I need to change this!

    • GO! There has to be one near you going on right now! :)

  3. The ladies at my Weight Watcher meeting just had a discussion about fair season this past week. I come at like you do. I will save my extra points and work out really hard that week so I can enjoy myself at the fair. I will not go hog wild, but if I want to enjoy an indian taco and a deep fried oreo I will! :) I am not sure what an elephant ear is, so I am going to have to go with funnel cake!

    • It’s all about balance! Life is too short to worry about if you “can” have a funnel cake! :)

  4. Funnel cake!…. but i actually don’t know what an elephant ear is! lol

    • So many people don’t know about elephant ears? Maybe it’s an Indiana thing. It’s a big circle cinnamon sugar cake. Kinda like a giant flat donut.

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