monday motivation: compassion

Posted on Jul 25, 2011 in Motivation


  1. I have a working post right now about compassion. I am working on this in my life right now. I am a teacher and I find that it is easy for me to show compassion to strangers, but when it comes to my family it is harder, because I know how they were raised and I know their backgrounds. Sometimes I feel that there is no reason why they should act tacky or hateful because they know better. I am trying to better that.

    • I’ve been thinking about writing one, too. I struggle at work with the office gossip. Where is the line between being catty and being a friend? And who am I to think that I know these people and everything they’ve gone through. Looking forward to your post!

  2. Love the quote! I keep a journal of all my favorite quotes and this has been added (along with the one from last week).

    • A quote journal is such a good idea. A great way to keep things in perspective when life is rough. :)

  3. You know how Craig set up an Etsy for his photographs? I think you should set up an Etsy for prints of your Monday Motivations. I am sending this to the print shop today to be printed… I’ll e-mail you a pic of how it turned out so you can see what a worthwhile venture it would be :)

    • Wow, that is SUCH a great idea. Thanks! I’m making them anyway, might as well make some money off of ‘em right? :D

  4. sound advice…

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