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Posted on Aug 1, 2011 in Career

One year ago this week, I put aside all my reservations about “being out there” and wrote my first post for BTHR. I had talked for months about maybe starting a blog, and thanks to lots of encouragement from my co-workers, friends and family, I finally did it! I was a long time fan of a lot of food, fitness and lifestyle blogs, and while their content was amazing, I always thought, “Hey, I have something to say. I could do that!” I started writing by just documenting my dinner every night. I had a very small, but very loyal group of readers at first (mostly friends from SparkPeople).

I never really thought much would come of BTHR. I mostly wrote to get my own musings out of my brain. In fact, when I first signed up for my Foodbuzz ads, it asks how many views do you expect to get in a month. I estimated high and put 50. I thought if I could just get 50 people to stop by and read my words every month, I’d be happy. My viewership grew slowly, but steadily, and as more people showed up and chimed in, I really decided to focus on generating good, quality content I could be proud of. I shed the “daily dinner” format and starting writing about relationships, food, fitness, body confidence, and pretty much anything that I felt like fit into a “healthy lifestyle”. After the switch, my readership shot up dramatically. I guess people really like hearing about all of me! I started to realize this might actually be turning into a career.

So I really buckled down and started promoting the heck out of BTHR. I’ve gotten a crash course on blog promotion, Google AdWords, RSS feeds, PHP, SEO, and a million other acronyms in the past year and I’m amazed at how successful my little corner of the internet has become since I really started pouring my heart into it. You remember my lofty goal of 50 visitors in a month? Well just in the last month, I’ve had 335,000 visitors. I still can’t even wrap my brain around the fact that that many people are interested in what I have to say. Having so much success writing BTHR has propelled me forward in so many other areas of my life outside of the blog. I now have confidence to do freelance writing and photography, both things I wouldn’t have even fathomed doing a year ago.

Anyway, this is a really, very long-winded way of saying THANK YOU. I love doing this. I love writing. I love being part of the blog community and most prominently, I love interacting with readers and commenters. What we have is super special, let’s keep it up, k?

Because the first year of BTHR has been such a crazy, smashing success, you and I are going to have one heck of an epic blogiversary celebration all week-long! Pop the champagne, grab yourself a German Chocolate Cupcake and let’s do this!

Stay tuned, because this week, you’ll see:

  • Fun, blogiversary inspired recipes: You know I have to bake my blog a cake, don’t you? Stay tuned for lots of fun recipes that are classic BTHR.
  • Reflections: Check out a few posts compiling all of my favorite BTHR posts, photos and recipes. Also, come back to read about my influences and favorite bloggers.
  • DAILY giveaways: I have some really, really awesome things to giveaway this week (food, books, snack bags, oh my!). Check in every evening for something new and free. Starting tonight!

Again, thank you so much for checking in everyday on my shenanigans. You guys rock! :D

Tell me about the last time you were hesitant to try something but it ended up being a big success.


  1. Happy Blogiversary to you, happy Blogiversary to you, happy blooogoversssarrrryyy dear Cassie, happy Blogiversary to you! And many more…

    • Hahaha! Thanks for the song! :D

  2. Yay! Happy blogiversary! I’m glad your blog really took off, and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts here over the past year :). Here’s to many more awesome years!

    • Thanks, Aubrey! :D

  3. Happy Blogivesary! :)

    • Thanks, Amy!

  4. Cassie! Your success is so inspiring (as are you, always, clearly, duh.) and I’m so happy for you to be celebrating a full year of blogging. I may have to pick your brain sometime on the marketing and promotion side of things, since you’re such a rockstar! I’m so happy for you – happy blogiversary!

    PS: You look HOT girrrrl! You eat that cupcake (or perhaps more like a bowlcake – that thang is huge!), you eat it GOOD.

    • Oh PS: how did I not know that our blogs started around the exact same time? We are clearly soulmates (in case we didn’t already know that, of course.) I’m celebrating mine on Tuuuuuesday (the 9th!)

      • We are obviously soul mates. Happy blogiversary to you, too! Next year, we should throw a big two year joint blogiversary party. :)

    • Thank you! :) Send me an e-mail if you want to chat about marketing. A large portion of my success has been pure luck, but a little bit of promotion doesn’t hurt either. :)
      And I totally ate that cupcake. Actually, Babyface and I split it because it was GIANT.

  5. You are amazing and wonderful! Happy one year Blogiversary and thank you for providing us with your great ideas and thoughts every day.

    • Thank YOU for reading! :D

  6. Happy Blogiversary! I’m so glad I found you!

    Here’s to many many more!

    • I’m glad I found you! Having blogger friends is such a big part of what makes this so fun. :D

  7. I asked Fatboy Slim to help me celebrate you and he totally came through… 13 years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiXg_70rMeM

    • Holy timewarp, Batman!

  8. congrats mmmmm :)

    • Thanks! :D

  9. Congrats! I didn’t realize you had such a successful blog. I shall update my blogroll post haste! It’s great!

    For me it was becoming a nontraditional runner. At first, a flight of fancy… Now a huge part of who I am.

    • Thanks! :)
      And you are totally a rockstar runner. You were definitely my inspiration to start running.

  10. HOLY CRAP. THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND??? WOW! Cassie, I am SO proud of you. Your blog is awesome, and I love it, and I’m so proud to be one of your readers!

    Happy blogiversary!

    • That number pretty much confuses the hell out of me. It never even occurred to me that I’d have that many people reading (obviously, since one of my goals for 2011 was to get 200,000 views…FOR THE WHOLE YEAR). It is so crazy. I am so fortunate.

      • It’s so exciting! I really am so proud of you for all the work you put into this blog, and it shows that people appreciate honest and real people!

  11. I love your blog and read it all the time (although I rarely comment)! You look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures- congrats on a fantastic one year of blogging! :)

    • Aww, thanks so much! :)

  12. Happy birthday to you!! You’re soo much fun to read.

    I would be over the moon if I’d got 50 viewers a month! Mmhh….. now there’s my challenge for this year…. ;-) Maybe I should consider changing languages and start writing in English.

    Anyways, enjoy looking back on a succesfull year.

    • Good luck! :)

  13. Happy anniversary Cassie and BTHR! This is my favorite go to blog to read daily. I even sneak it on my iPhone at work so I can use the 3G network to see the awesome pics :) You have inspired me to eat cleaner and I love that you are you and do not apologize to any one for it! You rock!

    • Awww, thanks so much Jessica! :)

  14. Happy Blogiversary! Your blog is one of the few that I check up on often, because I love the mixed content. Also, great pics- you look beautiful!

    • Thanks for reading, Melissa!

  15. *fanfare and confetti*

    Happy Blogiversary!!! :D

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already :) you’re absolutely amazing :) Keep up the good work!

    I wanted to ask, though–Do you get “credit” if I read the blog from my g-mail subscription..? I can do everything except comment by looking at my e-mail notification that you’ve updated.

    • YAY! :) Thanks, Megs!

      If there is an ad at the bottom of the e-mail, then I do definitely get credit for it. More importantly, I just want you to be able to read it in whatever what is easiest for you. :)

  16. congrats on the blogiversary! That cupcake looks sooo delicious!

    • Thanks! It was pretty yummy. Although, admittedly, I didn’t bake it. :P

  17. Great job Cass!
    OMG you looks so freaking amazing with makeup on. I always envy your radiant skin and I took it to heart when you said you had that skin because of the food you put in it. As much of a natural beauty as you really are, WOWZERS, what a knockout with just a little “war paint”.
    Congrats on all your success. You are the blog of its type that I am actually subscribed to and read.

    • Hahah! Thanks Deborah! I so rarely wear makeup that it is definitely a shocker when I do. I love wearing it! I think it is fun and I think of my face as a canvas, but I actually have a lot of eye allergies and a big issue with sheer, unadulterated laziness. So 9 times out of 10, I’m makeup free! :P

  18. Happy Blogiversary! I’ve never commented before – just discovered your blog within the past month – but thought this milestone was a great time to finally leave a comment to let you know how much I’m enjoying reading what you have to say here. Keep up the great work, I’m loving it!

    • Thanks so much for reading (and commenting)! :D

  19. Congratulations!! I just started reading your blog about a month or so ago but it has quickly become a favorite!!! I can relate to just about everything you have to say so closely that its almost like I’ve written it myself, but you write it so much better. Anyways, keep up the great work! And those pictures are gorgeous of you!!

    • Thanks Becky! :)

  20. Haaaaaaappy Blogiversary!! SO exciting! You are a living, breathing example that if you dedicate yourself to what you love, people will flock to you. Over a quarter million views! That’s insane! AND AWESOME! So thank YOU, for sucking me in with your babyface-immigration-love story. That’s what got me here and I’ve been reading ever since. Thank YOU for being honest, putting out quality posts for us and just being all around amazing! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for this week. :)

    • Thank you so much Emily! :)

  21. Congratulations from your Mama and me.

    We’ve known for years what you’ve discovered in the last twelve months.

    Never had a doubt about it.

    Love you, Lil Bit.

    • Thanks. :)

  22. Happy blogiversary girlie! I have to say, I read lots and lots of blogs. Mostly healthy lifestyle blogs but all sorts as of recently. Yours is def one of my favorites. Top 5 for sure. So you’re doing sumthin right!!! ;)

    • Aww, thank you so much! :D

  23. Happy Blogiversary! I think it’s safe to say you’re doing something RIGHT with BTHR – you always keep us coming back for more with your honesty & enthusiasm. Here’s to another great year!

  24. Happy Anniversary Girl! I’m SO glad that I found your blog! <3

  25. Happy Anniversary!! Going to try your One Minute PB Microwave Cake tonight to celebrate with the kids – yippee!!

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