bic bands giveaway!

Alright, I promised one more blogiversary giveaway and here it is! Better late than never, right?

Sandy from BIC Bands offered up some of her headbands for me to test out. There are a lot of choices in the world of no-slip headbands and I have to say I am totally impressed with these! You all know that I am a Bondi Band faithful, but while Bondi Bands are great for a hard workout, they can be a bit…cumbersome..for everyday life. They are big and not-so-stylish. BIC Bands come in a variety of widths and styles and I just adore them for everyday! I received one of the sparkle ones in my test pack and I can safely say I will be purchasing more. I love sparkles. And I love headbands. Win. Win.

Plus, as a bonus, a portion of every sale of a BIC Band goes to charity. Rock on!

So ready to win some headbands?

rules, regs and how to enter :

There will be one winner, winning two BIC Bands of their choice. This contest is open to everyone, it ships globally!

Each person can have up to four entries. You can receive an entry by completing any (and all) of the following :

  1. COMMENT—Comment on this post and tell me which BIC Band is your favorite.
  2. BLOG—Post about the giveaway to your blog and then post a separate comment here.
  3. TWEET—Tweet about the giveaway and then post a separate comment here.
  4. FACEBOOK—Post about the giveaway on Facebook and then post a separate comment here.

Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry. It’ll only get counted if each entry is its own comment. Entries are due by Wednesday, August 17th at 12:00pm (EST). Winners will be announced Thursday, August 18th.

Good luck!


  1. says

    I can only choose one favorite? OMG love these. Must put on my wishlist. I think I would keep in regular rotation:

    brown sparkle
    orchid pink sparkle
    touch of fleur
    and black white argyle

    LOVE these.

    How do you find the fit? You know I have a big head, would these fit a big head well?

    • Cassie says

      I got the usual size, and they are a bit tight, but they fit fine. They also make them in a bigger size for the same price.

  2. April says

    I like the skinny hot pink sparkle the best. I love pink and I think it will add the pop of color I like to add when I wear my lil’ black dress :)

  3. Gwendolyn says

    I like the sparkle ones.

    I’m going to have to try one out, my hair thinned a great deal because of Celiac and I can’t find *anything* to hold it back anymore!

  4. says

    I have been wanting to try these out for a while! I would have to say the silver sparkle would be my fave…I could always use a little sparkle during my workouts!

  5. Rikk Ofek says

    Love the skinny tweet one… a pink with cutie yellow birds… so many great ones to pick from and they’d probably be awesome for taming the million layers that I have in my hair these days!

  6. says

    OMG I love headbands! It’s so hard to find good ones, and I need some so badly now that I’m growing my bangs out. I love the Thick Orange Blossoms headband, personally. 😀

  7. Traci M says

    I love the Skinnie Minnie teal sparkle! I just started wearing headbands and would love something like that!

  8. 1410Jenn501 says

    OMG – I have wanted to try these! I’ve been looking but cannot come up with my favorite. Anything sparkly or maybe the Skinny Pretty Fierce one you have pictured. I tried the Bondi Bands too and they are wonderful. It would be nice to have other options tho. Oh, pick me! Pick me!!

  9. Katherine says

    Aw, these are cute! I’m loving the emerald skinny sparkle, but the thick pink zebra reminds me so much of one of my best friends! It would be absolutely perfect for her.

  10. Chaley says

    I have always wanted to wear headbands, but can never find ones that are skinny enough and don’t slide! I agree with you that you can’t go wrong with sparkles!!!

  11. Lola says

    Ug! I LOVE bondibands, but you’re right… they’re no good for daily wear. I love the one you showed in the photo and i’d love the chance at winning some to try out!

  12. says

    Okay, all of these are awesomely adorable. I need more headbands in my life!

    My favorites are the skinny black white argyle and the skinny hot pink and skinny red sparkle. I love them all!

  13. Jenn says

    I think if I had to choose one it would be the thin bic band A Touch of Fleur: Blue Red Orange. Definately colors I can appreciate!

  14. SaraD says

    Well you are the reason for my BondiBand obsession, so I have no doubt I will love these too. I adore the Dotty in Navy Skinny. So sweet!

  15. Christie says

    I love the skinny minnie black sparkle band. Love that bloggers are supporting BIC Bands…such a great group with great causes!!

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