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pinterinspiration + giveaway winner!


Posted on Aug 18, 2011 in Fun

Have you heard of Pinterest? You haven’t? Well why the heck not? Pinterest is a website that works like a virtual pin board. It is a fantastic place to keep all of the things that interest and excited you. And the best part? Other people pin amazing things that you can then “re-pin” and keep for yourself. No matter what your bag (food, decor, photography, fashion, music) you can find some awesome stuff on Pinterest! I get so many great ideas and am so inspired from Pinterest, that I thought I’d share some of the Pinterest finds that are rockin’ my world this week.

  1. Scrap Map :: I have a slightly ridiculous obsession with both maps and fabric. This combines them. I will be making this.
  2. Plate Wall on Robin’s Egg Blue :: I’m in love with the color on the walls (uh, as if you couldn’t tell that by looking at my blog) and the mismatched plates are so eclectic, kitschy and cute.
  3. Today! :: If I had this philosophy for every day of the week (instead of just one, in particular, that begins with an “F” and ends with “Riday”) I would be a much happier and productive person.
  4. Indiana Letterpress Print :: I love letterpress and I love my great state. I think this is adorable. And for a little bit o’ Cass trivia: my college design program has a very extensive letterpress shop. So not only can I appreciate good letterpress, I can actually do it!
  5. Roasted Peaches with Goat Cheese and Honey :: I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.
  6. Country Set on Polyvore :: I am so incredibly ready for Fall and all the marvelous clothes that come along with it. Things I need before the weather turns: a loose denim button down, some new riding boots and a fabulous camel colored bag.
  7. Chie Mihara Sandals :: If polygamy was legal, I’d marry these shoes.
  8. Paint-Dipped Utensils :: Buy utensils from thrift store. Dip in paint. Step back and admire how you spent $5 on an amazing set of custom-colored and funky silverware.
  9. Book Clock :: Not all that useful for telling-time, but seriously cool for those of us that are surrounded with bookshelves and bookshelves of books. This one is for purchase, but I think it’d be a very, very simple DIY job.
  10. Wrist Tattoo :: I’m obsessed with the idea of getting a wrist tattoo. And this adorable photo with seafoam green doors is not helping my obsession.
  11. Color Study Locket :: I am terrible about never putting anything in my lockets. But this one I would fill with all my hopes and dreams and wear it everyday. Love.
  12. Coffee Cream Brownies :: The chocolate ganache on the top of these looks so decadent and chocolatey that it takes all my willpower not to lick the computer screen.

Well that was fun! It is interesting, you put together everything I am “digging” right now and they all coordinate so well in collage form. My parents always said that the best design isn’t a style at all. Just pick out all the things you like and they’ll go together because you are the connecting link. I think it’s true!

I believe Pinterest is still invite only, so if you’d like me to invite you, just leave a comment saying so with your (real) e-mail address. I’ll try to get out what I can. Already one of the Pinterest faithful? Follow my pins.

OH! And I have some headbands to giveaway! The winner is (drumroll)…

Congratulations, Krissie! Shoot me an e-mail with your two headband choices and your mailing address. :)

How do you get inspired?

happy birthday puppyface!


Posted on Aug 18, 2011 in Family

Yesterday, I told you guys that we celebrated Puppyface’s birthday. I know that some people aren’t dog people or even really pet people at all, so it might be hard to understand why you’d celebrate a pet’s birthday, but let me tell you, this 60 pound ball of gray fur is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me and Babyface. And you better bet we are going to celebrate her!

If you read back to her story, you’ll notice that we actually have no idea when Puppyface’s birthday is. She was dumped, hit by a car, and found her way into the lake on my parent’s property to soothe her wounds. But the vet estimated her age at 10 months based on her teeth, so we then and there decided her birthday was August 17th-ish, 2006, which makes yesterday her 5th birthday.

So what do you do to celebrate a puppy birthday?

Well, first of all, you get her some puppy cupcakes!

She was mega excited about these. Puppyface is generally excited by anything that is in any kind of packaging. For some reason, she assumes when we are opening a package of something that it is for her. This time it actually was.

She was a little confused by them at first, but eventually pulverized a cupcake.

Then she dug into the rest of her birthday bag o’ fun.

What was in it? A metric ton of squeaky toys! Her favorite. I think we crammed 5-6 in there. Because she doesn’t have nearly enough toys already. She was very excited.

(Please forgive our empty, messy, plastic-covered living room. Still no progress since the tornado.)

While the Puppyface blissfully bounced back and forth between various new squeaky toys, Babyface and I decided we wanted to try the puppy cupcakes ourselves. Of course, we filmed the results.

Ha! “What’s it taste like?” “Uh, a dog cupcake.”

Later in the afternoon, we leashed up the Puppyface and took her out for a hike at one of our favorite parks in town, Leonard Springs. It has SUCH beautiful waterfalls and awesome views. Puppyface likes any place that has water.

This is one very, very happy PF. And an equally happy PF Mama.

It’s hard to explain what Puppyface means to me. She can be such a handful sometimes most-of-the-time. She hates strangers and doesn’t let anyone get within 10 feet of us without freaking out. She wants to eat every dog smaller than her. She’s had more surgeries than most humans. She can’t walk 10 feet outside without getting something tangled in her fur. She kicks in bed. She sheds like it is her damn job.

But I love her.

I love it when she nuzzles under my arm for “sneak-a-pets”. I love that she wags with amazing enthusiasm every time I walk into the room. I love her lady beard. I love that she is totally dependent on me. And she trusts me to take care of her. I love how soft her ears are and how dark her nose is. I love it when she dreams. I love that she likes to use my feet as a pillow. I love how strong and resilient she is. I love that she has been through so much but can still be so sweet. I love that the fur on her legs curls when it’s wet. I love that she is smart enough to respond to any, and all, of the nicknames we’ve given her (Puppyface, PF, Poof, Monkey Nose, Sillyface, Fluffy Face, Cutes, Puppy Pups, Puppy, and then, her actual name, Rory). I love that she knows when I’m sad and is there to comfort me.

I feel like I am such a better person because of my dog. And if that makes me a crazy dog lady, then so be it.

Are you a dog person? Cat person? Bird person? Something else person?