happy birthday puppyface!

Yesterday, I told you guys that we celebrated Puppyface’s birthday. I know that some people aren’t dog people or even really pet people at all, so it might be hard to understand why you’d celebrate a pet’s birthday, but let me tell you, this 60 pound ball of gray fur is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me and Babyface. And you better bet we are going to celebrate her!

If you read back to her story, you’ll notice that we actually have no idea when Puppyface’s birthday is. She was dumped, hit by a car, and found her way into the lake on my parent’s property to soothe her wounds. But the vet estimated her age at 10 months based on her teeth, so we then and there decided her birthday was August 17th-ish, 2006, which makes yesterday her 5th birthday.

So what do you do to celebrate a puppy birthday?

Well, first of all, you get her some puppy cupcakes!

She was mega excited about these. Puppyface is generally excited by anything that is in any kind of packaging. For some reason, she assumes when we are opening a package of something that it is for her. This time it actually was.

She was a little confused by them at first, but eventually pulverized a cupcake.

Then she dug into the rest of her birthday bag o’ fun.

What was in it? A metric ton of squeaky toys! Her favorite. I think we crammed 5-6 in there. Because she doesn’t have nearly enough toys already. She was very excited.

(Please forgive our empty, messy, plastic-covered living room. Still no progress since the tornado.)

While the Puppyface blissfully bounced back and forth between various new squeaky toys, Babyface and I decided we wanted to try the puppy cupcakes ourselves. Of course, we filmed the results.

Ha! “What’s it taste like?” “Uh, a dog cupcake.”

Later in the afternoon, we leashed up the Puppyface and took her out for a hike at one of our favorite parks in town, Leonard Springs. It has SUCH beautiful waterfalls and awesome views. Puppyface likes any place that has water.

This is one very, very happy PF. And an equally happy PF Mama.

It’s hard to explain what Puppyface means to me. She can be such a handful sometimes most-of-the-time. She hates strangers and doesn’t let anyone get within 10 feet of us without freaking out. She wants to eat every dog smaller than her. She’s had more surgeries than most humans. She can’t walk 10 feet outside without getting something tangled in her fur. She kicks in bed. She sheds like it is her damn job.

But I love her.

I love it when she nuzzles under my arm for “sneak-a-pets”. I love that she wags with amazing enthusiasm every time I walk into the room. I love her lady beard. I love that she is totally dependent on me. And she trusts me to take care of her. I love how soft her ears are and how dark her nose is. I love it when she dreams. I love that she likes to use my feet as a pillow. I love how strong and resilient she is. I love that she has been through so much but can still be so sweet. I love that the fur on her legs curls when it’s wet. I love that she is smart enough to respond to any, and all, of the nicknames we’ve given her (Puppyface, PF, Poof, Monkey Nose, Sillyface, Fluffy Face, Cutes, Puppy Pups, Puppy, and then, her actual name, Rory). I love that she knows when I’m sad and is there to comfort me.

I feel like I am such a better person because of my dog. And if that makes me a crazy dog lady, then so be it.

Are you a dog person? Cat person? Bird person? Something else person?


  1. says

    We have a cat and two dogs and I treat them like my children (mostly. That’s changed slightly since actually having a child, but not much). I never used to be an animal person, but I absolutely cannot imagine my life without my fur-kids.

    Happy birthday, Rory! Those pupcakes look fancy! :) I make pupsicles for my fur kids’ birthdays. And Catie is going to Camp Greyhound on Friday and they are making her (and the other campers) a liver cake with chicken feet! YUM. πŸ˜›

    • Cassie says

      How’s it change once Ty came around? My brother and sister have said that their “dog patience” completely plummeted when they had human children. And I know I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a parent, but I also can’t even fathom the idea of loving the PF any less.

      • says

        Mostly, we just don’t have as much time as we used to, so we don’t spend entire weekends at the dog park. Our funds also run lower, so we had to stop feeding them raw food (this is also part of the “time” thing). And we had to gate the kitchen, so they can’t get to their food/water unless the baby is napping or otherwise restrained.

        They still sleep with us, we still make them treats and give them lots of affection, we still go on walks (especially now that I’ve figured out how to wear Ty on my back in the carrier). We still adore them and our patience with them hasn’t changed at all (maybe grown a little, since we understand this new addition to our family is taxing on them as well). We adore when Catie holds Ty down and smothers him with kisses, we love that Ty “kisses” the dogs. We don’t love when Catie steals (and rips apart) dirty diapers, and sometimes Ozzy has accidents in the house and I don’t love when he pees on Ty’s toys or steals and chews up his wooden toys and stuffies.

        The dogs make parenthood more rewarding and more challenging at the same time. πŸ˜‰

  2. says

    I love this:

    “I feel like I am such a better person because of my dog.”

    Amen sista. My dog brings out the best in me for sure.

  3. kelly says

    I feel, without regret, the same way about my dog–a yellow lab named Scout Finch. Or Pupper-doo. Or Scoutie-pup…. Etc. Hubs and I got her within a month of buying our house (two years ago) and already struggle to remember what life was like before her.

    She’s such a little charmer that almost immediately, Hubs did a complete 180, as he transitioned from a cat person (ack!) to a dog person. YAY!

    As I write this, she decided to try and use my shoulder as a booster seat to give her a better view out the window. Love that dog!


    • Cassie says

      Eek! Cat people! I always had cats growing up, because we lived in the country and needed mousers, but I never really bonded with a cat. They just do their own thing. I need to be co-dependent with my animal. πŸ˜›

  4. gerry says

    Cassie- I just found you on Anytime Health!! I love your blog already and especially Puppyface’s story! What a lucky and wonderful dog! Happy BDay!!
    I’m a Hoosier too- now living in Colorado. I’m actually a Boilermaker- hope we can still be friends! So good to hear you talk about the wonders of growing up in Indiana- I miss it alot…

    Thanks for inspiring me!
    Gerry Burklow

    • Cassie says

      Thanks for reading Gerry! And I can definitely still be friends with a Boilermaker, just not when you are playing us in basketball. :)

  5. says


    “Am I a dog person?”


    Also, I hadn’t read PF’s story before! How heartbreaking, but I’m SO glad that your little tyke is doing well after so many rough surgeries and everything. Dogs are love. I’m pretty much convinced my own future children don’t have a chance of being loved as much as my little mongrels.

    • Cassie says

      HA, well of course I knew your answer. πŸ˜›
      P.S. I think I’m going to be in D.C. for a conference in October. Want to make this virtual love affair an in person tryst? πŸ˜€

      • says

        *butting in* I’m not too far north of DC! Please keep me in mind if you have some extra free time while you’re out here!

        Happy Birthday, Puppyface! I remember when you got her – I can’t believe it’s been that long now. Poor girl’s had some rough spots, but lucky her to be so loved!

        I’m a cat person (I know, boo!hiss!), with the caveat that my cats are incredibly personable. They aren’t aloof and snotty. My boy kitty lays on me, meows at me when he wants to communicate, snuggles his head under my hand for pettin’s. He’s such an awesome little guy and he was my first baby. His sister is less my girl and more my husband’s girl, but she’s no less full of personality. I adore them.

        We’ll have a dog one day, but I’m inherently lazy and we have limited space for the kind of dog my husband wants (read: hugenormous), so the dog will come later. And I’ll be fine with it, I’ll love it, I’ll help care for it, but I think I’m a kitty girl at heart despite only growing up with dogs!

      • Cassie says

        Oooh! Absolutely! Maybe we can do a blogger meet-up of some sort?
        It isn’t 100% confirmed, but it’s looking pretty good. :)

  6. Melissa B. says

    Hey, now- I’m a cat person! Well, actually, an animal lover, in general! I love this post- so sweet and heartfelt. I know you said cats are very independent, but I love that about them. Mine have those moment, but are also very loving and sensitive when it comes to your feelings and emotions. I plan on adopting dogs within the next few years, and of course, there will be puppy birthday celebrations!

    Anyway, I wish Puppyface a very happy birhday!!

    • Cassie says

      I think there are a lot of really, really nice perks of being a cat person. Like, for example, you can leave your house for more than 6 hours at a time. And you don’t have to send your cat to daycare three days a week. πŸ˜›

  7. Moober says

    Happy Birthday Puppyface Rory!

    You know I am a dog person, with our Wendy the Wonder Beagle. She’s amazing, and while her mischevious beagle ways are sometimes totally obnoxious (moving chairs together to climb on our counters!), I could not imagine life without her in it.

    Cats scare me. I guess because I have never had one, but I always feel like they are looking at me in a calculating way and trying to figure out how to eat my brain. :)

  8. Eden says

    Oh my goodness, what a magical puppy birthday! PF is SO lucky and blessed to have YOU GUYS as parents! <3
    And I totally laughed out loud at the video! The look on your face when you bite into the cupcake is priceless! Thank you for sharing the moment with us :)
    (seriously though, how can they say it's sugar free when it was molasses in it…?)

  9. says

    Happy Birthday PF! She is such a cutie – I love how she wines while you’re tasting the pupcake…too cute!
    I’m most definitely a dog person & treat my Dottie like a real child …well, except that i don’t dress her up & take her places…but I talk to her like she’s a human & frankly, I think she understands more about me & my husband than a lot of humans do! We also have about a million names for her…Dottie, Miss Pottie, Mrs P, Baby Girl, DP, Sweetie Pie…all of which she answers to! Diggity and I can’t imagine life without her & her super waggy tail and big round eyes. Dogs = true love!

    • Cassie says

      She’s a big whiner. She doesn’t bark a whole lot, but whines pretty much all the time to get us to do stuff. It’s her language. πŸ˜›

  10. MegsFitness says

    Yaaayyy!! Happy Birthday Puppy Face!!

    She was freaking out a little when you were eating -her- treat lol… You were like *littlest bite possible* and she was like “What?! That’s mine?! Can I have it back now?”


    I’m definitely a puppy-lover but Mr. Tobes is a pretty awesome pet. He answers…well.. he flicks his ear and might look at you when you call any of his names too–Tobias, Toh-butt, Tobes, Toby, Toh-baby, Fur-ball, ball-mode, kit-kat…

    My favorite is that you can point at his face (within 5″ I’d say) and he’ll extend his cheek to nuzz your finger lol. That, and when he’s getting canned food, he’ll stop whatever he’s doing and run with his feather-duster of a tail straight up in the air to his food-dish.

    We also enjoy making fun of him when he stares at the wall, or the ceiling, when he would rather lay on a book instead of soft cushy things, when he rolls down our socks by pawing at them in the morning…

    ^-^ He’s a good kitty.

    • Cassie says

      Yeah, she totally loves them! I guess there is a reason they are puppy cupcakes and not human cupcakes. πŸ˜›

      Awww! I definitely want a kitty at some point. πŸ˜€

  11. says

    I am an all kinds of animals person! We have 2 furbaby/doggies right now. One is a small yellow lab/dachshund mix, and the other is a border collie/greyhound mix. I have had Willie the lab mix since I moved in to my first apartment in 2003. He is almost 12 years old and I know he is getting up there in age for a dog. He is truly my best friend. Then we got Suzie in 2006. They both are pound puppies and still have flash backs from ‘Nam. :) During said episodes they shred everything, have accidents in the house, and climb the walls (literally). I still love them and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. Having a two year old and watching the fur babies interact with him completely melts my heart.

    Happy birthday Rory! It’s nice to know your real name puppyface :)

    • Cassie says

      HAHA. Okay, I definitely LOLed at “flash backs from ‘Nam.”
      I can’t even imagine how cute puppies + kids are. Swoon.

  12. says

    Awww happy birthday to Rory! :) (She wasn’t named after Gimore Girls, was she?) I’ll have to read her sad story! I think I’ll have to wait until after I get home from work, so I don’t cry in my cube!

    I LOVE animals. I’m convinced that my dog understands me more than most people most of the time. She is a jack russell and the sweetest, loving, exhausting, active person I’ve ever met! (Yes, I refer to her as a person, lol) I love how she snuggles up with me in bed and sleeps in my face on my pillow with me, and then will go under the blanket and sleep with her head on my leg/foot. So sweet. She really wants to get as closet o me as possible! :) Love dogs!

    Happy birthday puppy face!!!! *Dog smooches from Sophie the jack russell*

      • Cassie says

        I totally agree. I would have been fine (sad, but fine) with it ending if they had actually gotten to write an ending. Did you know that the cast/crew/writers didn’t even know it was the last episode when they filmed it? They were told later. So sad. :(

  13. SaraD says

    Happy Birthday, Puppyface! Puppy kisses from my Rory dog. (Who we actually also call Puppyface sometimes. Strange.)

  14. says

    Happy birthday Puppyface! I’m a dog person, cat person, horse person! I grew up with all three, and still have two cats and a horse today. Since I live in a city the dog is going to have to wait until there is more space for it to run and play in, but the kitties are fun in the meantime, and the horse is fun for weekend visits home to the “countryside”. Animals are so life-enriching!

    • Cassie says

      They are so life-enriching! I’ve never been a horse person, but I can definitely appreciate how gorgeous they are! Such beautiful creatures. :)

  15. jen says

    Def. a dog person. My dog makes me happy, plus if you are talking out loud to yourself you can always say you were just talking to the dog:) THey are so loyal and want to please you. Dogs seem to like me too so I guess I’m destined to be a dog person.

    • Cassie says

      I talk to Puppyface all the time. πŸ˜› Babyface and I also put her name into each and every song on earth.

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