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After three days of temperatures hovering around 100°, Fall finally showed up this past weekend. Of course, I’m not naive enough to believe we’re totally clear of summer’s grasp, but the recent down tick in temperatures has definitely got me thinking about pumpkins, apples, crunchy leaves, and Fall clothes. Here is what I’m coveting right now to make Fall a comfy and fashionable season.

  1. Cashmere Cropped Cardigan in Mallard :: I’ve never had a cashmere sweater. I would love a cashmere sweater. Especially in this beautiful blue. I wear cardigans almost daily in the fall and winter and I pretty much can’t think of anything better than a soft and cozy cashmere cardigan.
  2. Merona Felt Cloche Hat :: I’m a hat person. I love them and think they are a super fun way to spice up an outfit. Unfortunately, my noggin is MASSIVE and so it is almost impossible to buy hats in stores. But I still look at them and covet, right?
  3. Printed A-Line Skirt in Navy Flower Power :: I have never ordered anything from Boden, but I love to drool over their catalogs. One day, when my weight has leveled out, I’d like to invest some serious cash in their adorable pieces. This skirt is so fun and cheery without being summer-y. Red rubber boots + this skirt on a rainy day with a cute umbrella? Swoon!
  4. Cognac Leather Bag :: I just bought a cognac-colored bag of my very own for Fall, but this one is super cute. I love the rich brown can go with pretty much anything. Less switching of purses makes for a happy me.
  5. Mossimo Cheetah Ballet Flats :: I’ve wanted some animal print ballet flats forever, but just have never gotten around to picking up some. I love shopping at Target for trendy shoes. They aren’t the best quality, but chances are, they’ll be out of style in a few years anyway. No need to drop lots of money on something so short-lived.
  6. Lululemon Wunder Unders :: I’ve heard amazing things about these leggings, both for working out and everyday wear. I hate leggings that are see through or start to stretch out throughout the day. Unfortunately, Lululemon’s sizing is absurd and the highest they go to is a size 12. Which makes me kinda never want to buy from them even if someday I am a size 12…
  7. Merona Woven Scarf in Green :: I am a huge, massive, giant fan of scarves. They are pretty much a necessity in my ice box of an office, plus they are cute and cozy. Fall and winter colors are great, but I think a nice pop of bright color helps keep things from being so depressing.
  8. Turquoise Tribal Necklace :: I think turquoise is so pretty and I love that this necklace is a little bit dainty, but still vibrant and exciting.
  9. O.P.I. Illuminate :: You may have noticed that I love to go a little out-of-the-box with my manicures. I love this sparkly gold color (to match my cognac-colored bag).
  10. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom:: Even though I am pretty high-maintenance with my nails, I am pretty low-maintenance with my makeup. I am definitely not a lipstick kinda gal. As the temperature gets cooler, my lips crave Burt’s Bees and this tinted version is a nice way to add a hint of color while moisturizing.
  11. Wool and Cashmere Knee Socks :: I’ve been coveting these beautiful striped ladies for a few years now. I’d love to wear them with tall boots over top of tights.
  12. Black Tooled Dansko Clogs :: I’ve asked for these exact shoes for at least the past three Christmases. My feet would be so happy if they showed up in my well-manicure hands sometime soon.

What is on your wish list for Fall?



  1. says

    I am all about the knee socks once it gets cool enough (not quite yet, but within the next month)… I love the ones from Sock It To Me because they actually have enough stretch to accommodate my wide calves without pinching my knees or cutting off the blood flow to my lower legs!

  2. kelly anne says

    Regarding the Lululemon WunderUnders, I highly suggest going to a store near you so you can try them on. Their sizing is a bit misleading and isn’t exactly standard sizing. (For purpose of disclosure, I will actually admit that I am a size 14 and in most of their pants that I have — astro / groove / run:inspire — I wear a their size 10. Their 12s are too baggy on me for the fit) I LOVE THEIR PANTS and my husband LOVES them on me 😉

    • Cassie says

      OH! Well that’s a nice thought. When I first saw that some of their pants only go up to a size 10, I about freaked out with anger. But I guess if they run large, the sizing is a bit more acceptable.

      • kelly anne says

        I had the same panic/anger feeling. I actually ordered my first pair (groove pants) online, without trying them on as a goal/motivator. When I found out they already fit I definitely did a happy dance. SO stretchy, comfy and flattering. :o)

        Tip: Scour the “We Made to Much Section” where the prices are a little less coronary inducing.

      • kelly anne says

        Hee! Any time.

        Also, it should really be pointed out (and then repeated a few times for emphasis) that the entirety of your fall wishlist is bangin’

        Yep… I said it. 😛

  3. says

    You know, I’ve personally boycotted Lululemon because of the sizing issues. I’ve seen so many “they run big” and also “they run small” reviews that I’ve decided *to hell with it*. I’ll likely never EVER be a size 12…whether it’s running big or not. When I was in my early 20s…and 40lbs lighter than I am right now…I wasn’t barely a size 12 and I was extremely healthy & fit. (My goal now that I’m in my 30s is about 10lbs higher than I was in my 20s simply because of the changes my body has made since then…meaning child bearing hips!)

    I really find it intimidating when fitness brands don’t sell plus sizes – because frankly, even at my goal weight I’ll still be right on the edge of plus sizing.

    I’m happy to report though, I’ve found a company that I adore that sells fitness apparel in plus sizes AND in TALLS! Enter: Athleta. Their prices are lower than Lululemon (although they’re still higher than things like Champion or Reebok) and I’ve loved everything I’ve purchased so far: 2 bathing suits (which are totally flattering), 1 pair of yoga capris and 1 pair of running shorts. High quality materials, comfortable and flattering. Worth every penny. What more could a gal ask for?

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