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wordless wednesday: my favorite movies


Posted on Sep 14, 2011 in Fun

Can you guess them?

wish list—the ultimate home gym


Posted on Sep 14, 2011 in Fitness

Currently, Babyface and I live in a not-so-big two bedroom apartment (which is currently without a living room thanks to tornado repairs), but someday, I’d love to have a house that is large enough to have a home gym.  We’ve tried the home gym thing in the past in the apartment with less-than-stellar results. There is something about the atmosphere of a gym that is so special and conducive to breaking a sweat. Babyface and I have always figured we’d eventually live out in the country, so I imagine when we do move away from our apartment, the commute to a gym will increase greatly (especially considering our current home-to-gym commute is 90 seconds). So how do you make a home gym feel like a “real” gym? You pump in tons of money! At least you do in my dreams. Here’s what would be in my ultimate home gym if Babyface and I were rollin’ in the cash (which we aren’t).


  1. Nautilus 5 Position Bench :: I like that this bench can be adjusted into lots of different positions, including flat. Plus, it isn’t too bad to look at! Much better than the standard black pleather than is in my gym.
  2. Manduka 85-Inch Yoga Mat :: Can you believe I don’t have a yoga mat? I figure I might as well go big or go home. Manduka is a very pricey brand, but well-known and well-liked. I like this one because it is a few inches longer than the standard mat, which I need. The green is also very Zen (and cute).
  3. BOSU Ball :: I’ve just started using the BOSU recently at my gym and am really liking it! I love any prop that requires me to engage my core while doing other activities. Although for me to shell out over $100 for a piece of plastic, it better be pretty special. So I won’t be buying one anytime soon.
  4. Cap Barbell Rubber Dumbbell Set :: There are so many small dumbbell sets (3, 5, 10 pounds) for home, but not very many with heavier weights. I like that this one is compact—not on a “shelf” like at the gym—but still has weights all the way up to 30 pounds.
  5. Toshiba 19-Inch HDTV with Built-in DVD Player :: Of course, no gym is complete without some entertainment! This TV would be large enough to see, but small enough to not take up a lot of real estate. I love the built-in DVD player for workout DVDs and movies.
  6. Women’s Health, Runner’s World, and Whole Living Subscriptions :: More entertainment! I’m a heavy user of the joint magazine rack in the cardio room at my gym and I’d definitely have to replace it with some subscriptions of my own. I actually just subscribed to RW for the first time yesterday. Excited for my first issue to come!
  7. Body Solid Kettle Bell Set:: Y’all know that I love working with kettlebells and I think this would be a nice little set for home. Although, it only goes up to 30 pounds. Currently, I do swings and deadlifts with 40 and 50 pound kettlebells (respectively), so I’d have to add to this set.
  8. Philips Flat Sound System :: When I am running outside, I generally go music-free, but any other time I’m sweating, I need tunes!
  9. Stability Ball :: I have a stability ball that I like just fine. But this one is pink! And it’s a “wish list” so I can totally wish for a pink stability ball just because. :)
  10. Harbinger Tri-Fold Exercise Mat :: Have you ever tried to do planks or push-ups on a hard floor? Ouch! A few of these mats would be nice for floor work. Plus, I could put them under me for when I’m using the BOSU. Because at some point, I’m totally gonna fall off that thing.
  11. Floor-to-ceiling Wall Mirrors :: There is something really motivating about seeing yourself in a mirror while working out. Plus, a wall of mirrors will help to make the gym space feel open and airy.
  12. NordicTrack Incline Treadmill :: We already own an elliptical and recumbent bike, but I’d love a treadmill to fill out the set. I like this one because it is highly interactive and the incline is highly-variable. You can even decline on it! And you can walk/run routes around the world based on the Google Maps elevation. Cool, right?

What would be in your ultimate home gym?

what i ate wednesday: almost meatless


Posted on Sep 14, 2011 in Food

Back in the day, I would rarely go a meal—let alone a whole day—without meat. Now, I don’t even notice it. It wasn’t until I was trying to come up for a title that I realized yesterday’s food was almost meatless. So funny how our perceptions can change over time.

Breakfast (7:30 am)

Overnight oats. Base made with oats, vanilla yogurt, vanilla almond milk, sweet potato butter and chia seeds. Topped with baked microwaved apples and cinnamon. I also had two unpictured dates before my gym trip this morning at 4:50 am. I can barely remember to chew at 4:50 am, much less take a picture.

Plum! That wasn’t quite ripe yet.

Mini Klean Kanteen full of 2% milk. I’m a skim lover, but the 2% is where it’s at for recovery after a workout. Fats be good!

Lunch (11:30 am)

Corn Chipotle Bisque (which looks disgusting, but tasted yum!) topped with green onions. Plus a chicken sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce on my world famous whole wheat herbed foccaccia. Okay, it isn’t world famous yet, but it will be once I post it (some day). Plus chocolate. There is always chocolate.

Snack (3:30 pm)

Banana, hard-boiled egg and a Five Minute No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bar. Such a great recipe. I make a batch of these almost every week.

Dinner (6:00 pm)

Bean enchiladas (following this exact method) with a dollop of sour cream. Plus a side salad made with iceberg lettuce, yellow peppers, tomatoes and green onions. Topped with Newman’s Light Lime. I forgot how crunchy iceberg lettuce is! Yum.

Mini mint chocolate ice cream sandwich. I usually avoid most soy products, but man, I love these. So delicious and the perfect size for a small dessert.

The stats and graphs


Do you like the charts and graphs? Or are they just annoying?

I’m a visual person, so I love charts!