this weekend i…

Posted on Oct 3, 2011 in Fun

…bought the last sad can of pumpkin from the grocery store.

…finally found coconut milk yogurt.

…got my living room back (four months later).

…wrote up a storm.

…went to Kentucky.

…tailgated in the cold.

…ate my weight in guacamole.

…saw some fast cars.

…bought a citrus juicer.

…played some Mario Cart.

…got a ridiculous-looking sunburn.

What’d you do this weekend?


  1. What is WITH this pumpkin shortage? It’s ridonkulous. It’s MORE than Fall now (freakin’ freezing is what it is!) so I’m ready to get (even more of) my pumpkin on! Argh!

    • I finally end up finding a bunch at Walmart. I can ship you some. :P

  2. I wonder if the pumpkin crop was no good again, because I’m having trouble finding pumpkin as well. At least in Chicago the shortage was due to a too-wet summer in Illinois last year.

    I have a citrus juicer very similar to that and it’s the best kind! I hope yours has a rubber bottom so that it’s non-skid like mine.

    • Yeah, we were able to find it at another store, but I’ve heard the crop wasn’t so great. :(

  3. Congratulations on getting the living room back! That must be such a relief!

    • It definitely is. Although it takes some getting used to! I keep walking back to the bedrooms and then I realize I don’t need to anymore.

  4. This weekend was pretty low key for me as I am working on an online course, and figured I could get a lot of it done since the weather was crappy.
    What is more important is that I am sitting here eating banana soft serve. YUM! I have been craving sweet things with this pregnancy and more specifically ice cream–it’s hard to believe I am eating ONLY fruit because this is so damn incredible. So thanks to you for the “recipe” and thanks to my mom for taking pity on me and buying me a pretty amazing Cuisinart food processor!

    • Yay! So glad you like the soft serve. It’s one my favorites!

  5. Ha! I just wrote a post the other day about how hard it had been to find pumpkin and that I was going to start hoarding it. When I finally found it, I bought 3 cans. Every time I use a can, I’m going to replace it. That stuff is way too hard to come by! I bet Libby’s makes a fortune!

    • I found some at Walmart and ended up buying 8 cans! :)

  6. Great pics! And it might just be because I read the entry through the feedburner on my phone, but your sunburn doesn’t look too bad :)

    I tell ya, though, if we were friends IRL I’d offer to come help paint the living room with you. No color in the Faces’ house = sad panda :P

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