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thanksgiving for two


Posted on Oct 10, 2011 in Food

When I tell people that Babyface and I get two Thanksgivings each year (Canadian and American) most people get a glazed-over look in their eyes and talk about how great it must be to get to eat that kind of food twice a year. In theory, yes, but in practice, part of the fun and appeal of Thanksgiving is that you only get to eat that way once a year. When you do it twice in rapid succession, the romanticism of a big turkey dinner wears off.

So for this year’s Canadian Thanksgiving, I decided to do a little bit of a twist on the typical Thanksgiving dinner. Next month, we’ll be with my whole family for the traditional turkey and dumplin’s (at least that’s what is traditional in my family), but to celebrate the Canadian holiday, Babyface and I toned it down and had our own celebration of gratitude.

Keep an eye out for these recipes coming all this week.

Do you always have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

monday motivation + weekly goals


Posted on Oct 10, 2011 in Motivation

Monday Motivation

If you are in the States or most of the rest of the world, happy Monday. But if you are a Canadian reader, happy, happy Thanksgiving to you! I’ll be talking a bit more about our Can-American celebration later today, but for now let’s talk about how important it is to give thanks.

I often think that a little bit of gratefulness goes a long way to cure a lot of life’s pain and suffering. Even in the darkest of times, it can be helpful to think about (and focus on) the things that you are grateful for. It is hard to get worked up about the fact that someone isn’t using a turn signal when you are focusing on the love of your family, friends and other things you are thankful for.

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Weekly Goals

Relax and enjoy our stay-cation. I am off from work all week. Woohoo! I didn’t take any vacation this summer so this is my first extended break from the grind since last Christmas. I’m guilty of seeing vacation as free time to accomplish all those things that I couldn’t find time to do while working. Clean out the fridge. Paint this wall. Sew this project. And while that might be good in moderation, I tend to over do it and come out of vacation not any more rested than I went into it. Not this time. Sure, I want to accomplish some projects, but I also want to spend some time on the couch with a book.
Four solid workouts. I had this goal last week, too and only managed one gym session. Although, admittedly, I ran around the town of Chicago for six hours yesterday chasing my sister in the Chicago Marathon (she killed it, by the way) and I imagine that has to be considered a workout. But even so, this week, I need to do better.

What are your goals for this week?