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sweats of the week


Posted on Oct 16, 2011 in Fitness

Sunday (10/8)

  • Marathon cheering

I know it isn’t traditional exercise, but I can tell you I burned some serious calories trekking all around Chicago and cheering on my sister in the Chicago Marathon. I probably burned as much as a traditional gym workout just in jumping up and down and screaming! I’ve heard from a few different people that it is nearly impossible to find runners at Chicago, but we were able to see her three different times on the course. Success! And she crossed the finish line with a smile on her face.

Tuesday (10/11)

  • Water park!

Haha, okay, I might be grasping at straws here, but I was definitely sore after one day at the indoor water park for Babyface’s birthday. Lots of ab and arm muscles are needed to do 200 laps in the lazy river, apparently.

Thursday (10/13)

Gym (90 minutes, 800 calories)

  • 40 minutes strength training
  • 10 minutes incline walking
  • 30 minutes stationary bike
  • 10 minutes stretch

I really wish I could give you more information about my strength training sessions, but I’m kinda all over the place. Kettlebells, planks, free weights, machines, Body Bar. I never go in with a plan, but it seems to be working. For cardio, my right foot has been acting up a big, so I’m taking some time off of running. But I did crank up the treadmill incline as high as it goes and walked. And then read a magazine on the bike.

Friday (10/14)

  • Walk (48 minutes, 2.75 miles)

Puppyface and I did a nice long walk around the neighborhood. I really need to walk more. It is such a nice way to break up the day.

Saturday (10/15)

Gym (60 minutes, 494 calories)

  • 30 minutes strength training
  • 30 minutes stationary bike

Again, with the total mishmash of strength training stuff. I did do some core-focused work for about 15 minutes. I try to get that in once or twice a week.

  • Walk (30 minutes, 1.75 miles)

Walk with the Puppyface! Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t help myself from getting out and enjoying the sunshine.

I have 39 days to go in my All About the Numbers challenge. Missed the challenge introduction? Go read what it’s all about. The blue numbers represent where I am currently in my quest to tackle my goals.

  1. Complete 2000 fitness minutes (121/2000)
  2. Do a 2 minute plank (1 minute 20 seconds)
  3. Do a 1 minute chair sit (35 seconds)
  4. Run or walk a total of 100 miles (1.75/100)
  5. Stationary bike a total of 100 miles (5.68/100)
  6. Drink 4000 ounces of water (120/4000)
  7. Track my food for 30 days (1/30)
  8. Eat 200 servings of fruits and veggies (5/200)
  9. Go 40 days without stepping on a scale (1/40)
  10. Write and post 30 Operation Beautiful notes (2/30)

What was your best workout of the week?