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Posted on Oct 30, 2011 in Fitness

I seemed to get back on the wagon more solidly this week. Woohoo! It helped that finally, about halfway through the week, I tossed out my go-with-the-flow exercise mentality and decided to make a training schedule. What am I training for? Well….nothing. But it helps to have a plan to stick to. I’m starting to get very, very nervous about hitting my 100 miles for walking/running and my 100 miles for biking for my All About the Numbers Challenge. So next week, I need to kick it into high gear with my mileage.

Sunday (10/23)

  • 2 mile run
  • 3.5 mile walk

The weather recently has been really awesome for running. So cool and crisp! Definitely my favorite time of year to run. Unfortunately, I’m still having some issues with the arch of my right foot. About a mile into any run and it starts cramping and hurting. And the pain lasts for days afterward. Not sure what that’s about.

Thursday (10/27)

  • 20 minutes elliptical
  • 3 mile walk
  • Basic Body Routine

Welcome back to the Basic Body Routine (BBR)! BBR was a small strength training set I created a few years ago that covered all the major muscle groups in about 10 minutes. Is it going to get me ripped? No. But it’s at least enough to activate my muscles and keep them on their toes. The BBR is: two planks, 12 squats, 12 push-ups. Of note: doing planks on carpet is painful. Holy rug burned elbows.

Saturday (10/29)

  • 1 mile walk
  • Planks, push-up and chair sits
  • 10 miles stationary bike

I managed to hold a 1:45 plank yesterday and I was crazy giddy about that. I can’t believe I started off struggling to hold for 30 seconds. 10 miles on the bike flew by thanks to free wi-fi at the gym and games on my iPhone.

I have 25 days to go in my All About the Numbers challenge. Missed the challenge introduction? Go read what it’s all about. The blue numbers represent where I am currently in my quest to tackle my goals.

  1. Complete 2000 fitness minutes (560/2000)
  2. Do a 2 minute plank (1 minute 45 seconds)
  3. Do a 1 minute chair sit (45 seconds)
  4. Run or walk a total of 100 miles (18.62/100)
  5. Stationary bike a total of 100 miles (18.3/100)
  6. Drink 4000 ounces of water (1400/4000)
  7. Track my food for 30 days (13/30)
  8. Eat 200 servings of fruits and veggies (75/200)
  9. Go 40 days without stepping on a scale (15/40)
  10. Write and post 30 Operation Beautiful notes (8/30)

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What was your best workout of the week?